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Most people in their late twenties don’t own a home. The major reason for this is the overburdening student loans that suck the life out of a college student. This post will shine light upon some tips for how to buy a house with student loans that might help you save enough to buy a house after college.

Try To Increase Your Income

This goes without saying, but while studying in college, you must look for alternate ways to generate a passive income for yourself. Most students start working jobs and making money after they graduate. Always look for paid work during your college time so that you might save up enough money to make a down payment as soon as you graduate. College life is full of hustle. You must look for opportunities where you can earn some extra cash at the side. Various odd jobs pay well for a college student. Put in the hours, work hard, and most of all, save a lot of money. We know that a college student is tempted to spend much money on new gadgets and casual wear, but act professionally and focus on a long term goal.

Other than getting a job, there are many ways to increase your income. You might want to start your own business while in college. Having your own business helps generate profit, and you might be able to expand it further when you graduate. Paying off student loans won’t be a problem if you save during college. By the time you graduate, you will have enough money to pay off the college debt, and you may start fresh. Another innovative way to earn some extra cash in college is writing assignments. For students who have a strong work ethic, and can manage their time, writing assignments for fellow students is a fantastic opportunity. You can get reasonable rates per word, and you might even save enough to pay off your college debts. However, if you require someone to manage your assignments, you may hire a cheap essay writing service to take care of your college essays and research papers. These online writing agencies hire the best writers from all over the world.

Improve Your Debt To Income Ratio

If you want to secure a house at the best rate of interest, try improving your debt to income ratio. The DTI ratio helps determine your financial situation in front of a lender. While reviewing your application, the lender looks at different aspects of your financial stability. If you have a good credit score, and you have paid all your debts in time, the lender might be persuaded to give you a better mortgage plan. If you have a history of not paying debts on time, the lender will charge heavy interest on the loan you take. If you want to acquire a mortgage loan, your DTI must not be higher than 28 %; otherwise, you might face many problems while securing the loan. There are certain things you might do to improve your debt to income ratio:

●      Pay Off Your Debts Aggressively

One way to improve your DTI is to pay off all the debts that you may have. Try to clear out the payments on credit cards and other places where you are liable. Even resolving small debt may lead to a better score which ultimately would improve your DTI.

●      Increase Your Income

A DTI score will only improve when you gather enough money to pay off your liabilities. Try to work multiple jobs to earn extra cash. You might also consider doing freelance work like essay and content writing for online websites.

Try To Lower Your Student Loan Payments

The longer you take to pay off the student loans, the higher they might get. Try to lower your student loan payments by paying them off from the start. You can always sign up for an extended repayment plan. A plan like this helps a student decrease the monthly payments in exchange for a longer term. For example, if your monthly payment was 2000 dollars for ten years, you might opt for a lower monthly amount for 25 years. This helps decrease your stress, and you may easily come up with a lower amount every month.

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Increase Your Credit Score

A person’s credit is one of the most important things that a lender might look at while giving out a mortgage. Maintaining a higher credit score means that you are a less risky consumer and more likely to pay the mortgage payments on time. This results in a better deal on the house with lower interest. Student loans and mortgages are co-dependent on each other. If you have a higher amount of loans outstanding, your credit score will be lower, and you are less likely to get a good deal on the house. Always try to pay off your student loan before time so that you may benefit from a lower interest rate on your mortgage.

Put Extra Money In Savings

Whenever someone asks me how to pay off loans fast, I always tell them to make it a habit of spending only when necessary. One of the top ideas is to keep your savings healthy enough to be able to bail you out when needed. Saving money is one of the most important things if you aim to buy a house. Try to control your desires for a short period and fill up the bucket of savings to the fullest. If you aim at saving 20 percent of your total income, cut down on your luxuries even more so that you may save a lot more. Trust me, this will have a significant impact in the future, and you might even save enough to make a hefty down payment on your new home.

Save For A Down Payment

The larger the down payment you put in the house, the lower will be your interest rate. Try to save as much money as possible to increase your down payment. Mortgage loans always charge interest on the amount that is lent. Some amount must be deposited immediately to take possession of the house.

Buying a house with student loans may be a challenging task. The burden of debts in the life of a fresh graduate may disrupt your peace of mind resulting in mental problems. The tips above might save you from falling in the trap of extended loans and other financial problems.

We hope you found this blog post Best Ways To Save For A House When You Have Student Loans useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Mortgage and Finance Tips for First-Time Home Buyers for more great tips!


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