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Moving to another country is certainly a big step, something that needs to be planned out very carefully if you want to be able to say that it’s been a success.

And while it matters a lot whether you’re going alone or with your significant other, or if you’re taking the whole family with you, there are some things anyone in this position has to think about.

Yes, it may not be easy, but there’s a solution to every problem and plenty of advice to help you in every situation.

Therefore, here’s our take on the biggest challenges of moving to another country and also some tips on how to solve them.

Where Are You Going To Live?

Going abroad as a tourist is one thing, but moving abroad to another country is something completely different.

First of all, you can’t live in a hotel all the time and you are likely to want to buy or at least rent a place to live.

For that, you need a reliable partner to work with you, one that can offer you plenty of options to choose from and help you find a perfect new home.

Terra Dalmatica does that splendidly for everyone who comes to Croatia, as their website makes it incredibly easy to find just the real estate you want for the start of your new life.

Not to mention that their agents are incredibly helpful and always look out for their clients’ best interests.

Find someone who will treat you like that.

Language Barrier

Language is something you definitely want to keep in mind when changing countries.

Obviously, if you’re moving from the US to Canada, for example, or some other English-speaking country, that won’t be an issue, but if you’re going to a country where English is not native, you will want to invest in some language lessons.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be perfectly fluent in it, but some basics will make your life a whole lot easier, especially in the beginning.

Not only will you be able to function much more easily in your everyday life, but the locals will also appreciate the effort too and you will be able to make friends more quickly.

And if you’re planning to raise children in another country, they are likely to be bilingual because of that, so acquiring that second language becomes much more important for you.

Living Without Family and Friends

The chances are that you won’t have any friends or relatives in your new country, so you will have to form new relationships.

This can be particularly challenging if you’re going alone.

With time, you will surely make friends, but at first, you may want to set aside some money for fairly frequent trips home to help ease the whole transition process. At least once a year, but the more you can manage, the better.

Or you can invite your family and friends over to your new home – it will be quite an experience for them.

Things like video calls can also help you out between the trips, but nothing can replace a hug from your mom, dad, brother or sister.

Always make time and dedicate resources towards making this happen.

What About Your Belongings?

So, you’re determined to change countries after spending a number of years, maybe even your whole life, in one place.

What happens with your stuff?

You’ve probably acquired quite a lot of things over the years, and parting with some of them may be hard to do.

However, transporting them all is not cheap, especially if you’re changing continents, which means you probably won’t be able to take everything with you.

Instead of breaking the bank, focus on the things that are the most important to you, and sell the rest.

That way, not only will it be much easier to pack and travel, but you can also make some money that can help you start your new life better.

Adjusting to a New Workplace

Obviously, you will have to work in your new country (unless you’re retiring there), but this can also present quite a challenge, even if you’re doing the same job you had back home.

This can actually be quite a cultural difference.

How open can you be with your superiors and your co-workers? What is the dress code? Which things do they do differently in your new country and how?

All of this will take some time getting used to, so be prepared for that.

Try to keep an open mind and be as flexible as possible at your workplace to get the hang of things as quickly as possible.

We hope you found this blog post on Biggest Challenges Of Moving To Another Country useful. Be sure to check out our post on 8 Important Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad for more great tips!


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