Moving Abroad

When we think about moving abroad, many questions immediately arise. How to find accommodation and a suitable job position? How much money do you need to live in a new country? What set of documents is required? What kind of insurance to get? And so on.

Moreover, many are frightened by the prospect of psychological difficulties and cultural differences that await emigrants. These phenomena are normal. You just need to be well prepared. 

In this article, we will take a quick look at the main points faced by people considering moving abroad.

Package of Documents

When moving abroad, it’s crucial to be ready for the fact that you will need to prepare various documents and possibly translate them into another language. The package of documents depends on the country you have chosen. Therefore, study in advance the list of necessary papers, as well as what type of visa you need and whether you need a visa at all. In addition, be prepared to pay a certain amount for the execution of all required docs.


When going to live abroad, you need to learn everything about transport in your destination city. For instance, when relocating to Dubai, keep in mind that public transport is well-developed.

live abroad

In addition, many car rental companies in the country are ready to provide you with various car rental options — from luxury rental cars to cheaper options. You can rent a car for business trips and rent a Porsche Dubai for entertainment and travel to other emirates. 

In general, consider the option of moving within the country when budgeting.


Almost all countries require medical insurance. And if you are going to move to another country, this type of insurance is a must. Each country has its tariffs and insurance terms and conditions. But don’t neglect this point. An insurance policy (in a bad scenario) will save you from big expenses.


Surely, when you decide to move abroad, you know exactly which country you will go to and where you will stay. However, some people make such a decision spontaneously. We don’t recommend making a rash choice and going to the first country that comes across. To begin with, it’s worth visiting it as a tourist and living there for at least two weeks or a month to familiarize yourself with local rules, the pace of life, laws, etc. After that, you will understand whether this direction suits you or not.

planning a move


When planning a move to an expensive country such as the UAE, you should calculate how much money you need to live and where you are going to work. It’s advisable to conclude a work contract with the employer remotely and come on a work visa for a specific position.

You can relocate and look for a job after the fact, but take money with you for at least six months. There is no guarantee that you will find a decent job even in the next month or two. Another option is available as well. It can be some kind of business idea or remote work without being tied to a specific location.


It’s a critical point — try to approach it very carefully. It’s best to choose accommodation online and arrive specifically at the selected apartment. However, it all depends on the country you choose.

For example, going to some exotic destination, you have the risk of running into scammers, and photos on the Internet may not correspond to reality. Therefore, it’s worth contacting trusted agencies or, if you have friends, asking them to come and see your future home. Don’t rush to transfer a deposit to strangers immediately.

accommodation online

Summing Up

We have focused your attention on the main points you should consider when moving abroad. Of course, it all depends on the country you choose. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local laws, regulations, and customs. Get ready for culture shock, psychological difficulties, new cuisine, and a simple change in your diet.

However, remember that if you really want something, you will definitely get it!

We hope you found this blog post on Top Things You Must Know When Moving Abroad useful. Be sure to check out our post on 8 Important Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad for more great tips!

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