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Since buying a house is such an enormous expense, people usually have limited budget for furnishings once they move in. This, plus the effort involved in designing the living room space, may result in some costly mistakes which they regret later. Either the new homeowners will go into debt giving the house a top-to-bottom makeover, or they blow the whole budget making one room perfect right down to the last  detail and have no money left for the rest of the house. That doesn’t have to be the case. It’s absolutely fine to furnish a home, piece by piece, instead of going to one room at a time. While you’ll probably want to make sure you’ve got a couple of essential items, such as a bed, a dresser, and a dining room set available once you move in, the rest of the items can be purchased over a period of time. Meanwhile, some budget furniture can fill the gap quite nicely.

1. Look Into Previously Owned Items

Keep in mind there are many ways to furnish your home without heading to pricey, high-end stores. If you can’t plan on getting some brand new furnishings in the foreseeable future, then bring out your creativity. You can look for good-condition, preowned pieces of furniture, at an affordable price. All it takes is to keep your eye out for some great options.

To save by buying used furniture, you need to spend time and effort by making regular visits to thrift shops, local yard sales, and flea markets and = checking for new entries on for-sale sites such as Craigslist. Bigger pieces of furniture such as a couch or a bookshelf can be bought at half the price of new items. It’s also a great idea to let your friends know that you’re on the lookout for used pieces of furniture, just in case they’re moving out or buying something new.

Whenever you get a good offer, make sure to inspect the furniture thoroughly for any defects, before you agree to bring it back home. You will need to confirm that it has all the necessary parts, is structurally sound, and fairly clean. Make some efforts to source items that match your room size and personal style, but don’t obsess with getting the perfect match since you’re already saving a lot of money.

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2. DIY Furnishings

If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, it’s possible to redo different pieces of furniture to make them appear as if they’re a part of an identical set. Most of the time, all that’s needed is the right DIY tutorial and a couple of coats of paint. To pull this off, start by finding some design inspiration. Search through a couple of interior design sites until you discover a couple of photos that showcase an aesthetic you’re keen on. Then, find a step-by-step tutorial to figure out the method.

Figuring out a way to furnish your home for the very first time is often overwhelming. All of a sudden you discover yourself with tons of space and nothing to fill it with. Keep the following pointers in mind before you jump in and redo your home from top to bottom. With our help, you’ll be ready to tackle your new home’s interior design in a way that makes sense.

3. Rearrange Your Existing Furniture Sets

Before you purchase new furniture, consider what you have already. Rearranging the layout could allow you to update your front room without forking out for new furnishings. So, instead of following an equivalent traditional layout in your front room, such as a cocktail table in the middle, sofas pushed up against the wall, and the TV at one end, design a brand new layout, something more interesting. For example, pull the furniture away from the wall, or mount a flat-screen TV and use it as a focal point above the fireplace instead of a piece of artwork, and spice up the fireplace corner with some fireplace decor ideas, or maybe just de-clutter and clear out some furniture so that the living room looks and feels a lot larger.

4. Add Pots Filled With Plants & Flowers

Adding plants is the easiest and quickest method to enhance the atmosphere of your living room. Not only do they add color, shape, and life to an area, but their presence can make a home seem like a safe haven. People can easily locate and choose from the several nurseries around them and procure inexpensive, high-quality foliage. A lot of the popular home decor brands such as Ikea provide excellent selections and are even budget-friendly. Although larger plants can be on the expensive side, the goal is to create the illusion that your living room is filled with plants; so arrange groups of small plants at different heights.

5. Give your Previously Owned Pieces of Furniture Some New Character

Nothing perks up a worn-out piece of furniture like new upholstery. Re-covering or reupholstering can completely change the design of old sofas and armchairs and also be a great idea for a makeover on a budget. Reupholstering large furniture pieces can be an expensive task, so a very inexpensive solution is to add new drapes and throws over sofas and chairs. You can even start small on your next DIY project with a footstool or cushion.

6. Try to Buy Furniture Pieces that will be Handy with A LOT of Storage Space

Every house needs storage space. What better way than to install a large bookshelf that will showcase your best pieces of china or your stock of candles and figurines. Another reason why this works is that it’ll keep the clutter away from the eyes of any visitor. For instance, guests do not have to know that the seating is hiding the comforters or any other items that may detract from the room’s appearance. Mounted shelves are a great way to decorate display pieces. You can keep making some tweaks every now and then to add some artwork, frames, succulents, your favorite books, or magazines to always keep things always interesting in the living area.

7. Spend Your Money on the Main Furniture Sets Only

Try to invest your money in pieces that are in the center of the room or the pieces that you think will grab the most attention; for example, a plush mustard yellow sofa set or a wooden dining table set. These are the centerpieces that you can use for building the entire room around. If you’re sure that the furniture piece will help transform the living room and also if you’re keen on it then it’s probably worthwhile splurging your money on it.

We hope you found this blog post Budget Living Room Furniture Sets for a New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post 14 Furniture Essentials When Moving into a New Home for more great tips!


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