bedroom with minimal furniture and decorations

The arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom, in practice, must take into account both the visual impact that the environment offers and the practical aspect, precisely because it is the space where you rest and therefore the furniture must be beautiful but also able to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

This post will offer you some simple suggestions for a furniture arrangement in the bedroom that respects your style without taking anything away in terms of functionality.

This post aims to suggest some tricks for a furniture arrangement in the bedroom that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to start with the most important piece of furniture: the bed.

A general rule is that the bed is right in front of the door, to be the most relevant element in the room; however, the same effect can also be obtained by placing it along the largest wall of the room. Here are some useful tips for a perfect arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom and, in particular, of the bed itself:

  • If you do not have enough space to place the bed in the center of the wall opposite the door or if some doors or windows take up too much space, you could place it in the center of another wall or place it at an angle: a solution that takes up enough space but which is undoubtedly very original!
  • You could arrange the bed between two windows, if by chance you have a couple on the same wall: this will prevent you from placing it under a window and being too cold or feeling unpleasant drafts.
  • Leave enough space around the bed to lie down and get up comfortably
  • Try to arrange the bed in such a way as not to shield the natural light entering through the window with the headboard.

The Arrangement of the Furniture in the Bedroom: The Bedside Tables

When arranging the furniture in the bedroom, don’t forget to place the bedside tables correctly as well. After arranging the most voluminous pieces of furniture, such as a bed, wardrobe, and chest of drawers, dedicate your time to the smaller ones, such as bedside tables.

Bedside tables are small but very important furniture, since usually you put on many things: lamps, books, cell phones, remote controls, not to mention the classic glass of water. Items that you need to have as close at hand as possible when you are in bed; for a correct arrangement of the cabinets in the bedroom, therefore, it is important that the bedside tables are located on both sides of your bed (or on one side only if one end of the bed is attached to the wall).

How Much Space is There?

Once you have arranged the main pieces of furniture, consider if you have enough space to place more, always taking into account your needs. Do you need a desk? Would you like an armchair where you can sit down for pleasant reading in total relaxation?

If the size of your room allows, the arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom can also include additional accessories. For example, you could place a desk under the window or, to save space, a corner piece of furniture; you could put a small sofa at the foot of the bed or a comfortable armchair in a corner of the room.

The Importance of Lighting

When you are dealing with the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom, do not forget to pay due attention to one fundamental aspect: lighting.

Classic lamps are perfect for this type of room because they provide good lighting without overpowering: it is still a place for rest! The traditional bedside lamps placed on the bedside tables are an excellent solution; alternatively, you could put appliques on the walls, discreet and functional.

Move With Ease

When working on the arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom, do not forget to leave enough space around the furniture. Do not stuff too much furniture in your room, otherwise you run the risk of not being able to move easily inside it. It is best to leave at least a couple of feet between the edge of the bed, the wall, and other furniture.

We hope you found this blog post on Decorate Your Home with Minimal Furniture useful. Be sure to check out our post on Practical Tips for Creating More Space in Your Bedroom for Storage for more great tips!


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