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C & A Land Surveyors and Surveying Services

Surveying land is an essential element of developments of land, be it for residential or commercial use. It involves precise measuring and mapping of the geographic areas, with the different elements that form the landscape, as well as the durability and productivity potential of the land. 

The main purpose of land surveyors’ is to determine and/or verify boundaries, by the act of observing the land, measuring it and mapping. Finding boundary lines and getting an accurate estimate of your present or future property is vital to prevent situations that could lead to land encroachment, and the resulting disputes and claims that typically result. In addition, when it comes to the purpose of building fences around perimeters or building structures along the boundaries, it is advised to measure the land and survey prior to start of construction to avoid similar issues when encroachment, or non-compliance with the national or local construction regulations have occurred.

Why is it recommended to survey your land?

With increasing population numbers putting an ever-growing demand on resources of all kinds including commercial and residential land as well as rural settings the value of real estate has increased dramatically. In addition, due to the increasing need for infrastructure and housing to support the growing population, and to facilitate services to the growing population, the job of land c & a surveyors as well as the services they offer are and will continue to be extremely sought-after.

This includes the development of bridges, residential areas, roads and tunnels, commercial buildings as well as roads. From multi-billion-dollar commercial developments to planning applications for residential properties, Land surveyors supply the required documentation needed to satisfy authorities at the national and local levels as well as agencies or landlords charged with the enforcement of building and property laws.

GPS Advancements and Benefits

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, surveying land has become quicker and more precise. One of these technologies includes GPS. GPS surveys allow for extremely detailed and precise mapping that can identify existing structures, boundaries, and an overall topography for the surroundings and can be carried out over a large space. This is ideal for vast regions of business development, or for the defining of boundaries for large areas of land, including farms and agricultural enterprises. This is also good practice before buying land in a rural area. 

Additional services offered by experienced land surveyors are a method of “setting out”. This is the process where c & a surveyors work with construction contractors to determine precisely where the buildings to be built will be constructed. This information about the mapping is transferred to groundwork contractors, who are given the precise information needed for the construction and construction of the area.

Importance and Need of Land Surveyors

Land is considered to be one of the most valuable items you could possess on this planet. Since its beginning, the land is regarded as being sacred and out of the influence of the people who do not have it. When land was available to all residents, the population has grown exponentially, so that the vast majority of the lands currently available are owned or designated. The owners of the land through occupation or clean title want to secure the property against any person who might attempt to take possession of their property. In those days, the concept of insurance for land was not yet thought of. These were also the times when the land surveyor for insurance had not been born.

Insurance and liability

Surveyors prefer to be insured since they are personally accountable in the event of errors during their work. If they were to declare boundaries for a particular area, but they did not know that they had expanded the boundaries and subsequently violated the boundary, they’re liable to the victim. The aggrieved party has an option to bring a lawsuit against the surveyor if their rights to property have been violated.

Surveyors could be confronted with an extremely costly lawsuit. Insurance companies provide insurance for surveyors that offer this type of insurance. They also offer land survey companies insurance for business. It usually covers professional liability for mistakes, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto.

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