Short Throw Projectors

Do you want to buy a projector but don’t have enough space to project a video? Then short throw projectors are here to save your day. Just because you do not have a bigger space does not mean it is impossible to project videos in a small room. Usually, any normal-sized projectors can be ceiling mounted on the wall.

But the question is, can short throw projector be ceiling mounted? The answer is YES; short throw projectors are designed to be ceiling mounted. Even though you don’t have enough space for a normal-sized projector, you can always prefer a short throw projector that can be ceiling mounted.

Regular short throws provide a 100 inches screen from 4-to 5 feet. But if you need to put your projector under 5-6 feet, then get ultra-short throw projectors. Ultra-short throw projector can be mounted 2-3 feet away from the screen. To know further details, let’s dig into the article.

Can Short Throw Projectors Be Ceiling Mounted?

Regular short throw projectors are better than normal-sized projectors because of their size and portability. You can travel with a short throw projector; it is small and portable for traveling. Short throw projectors do not need much space, so it is perfect for people who have less space in their room.

When it comes to short throw projectors, most people ask, can short throw projectors be ceiling mounted? All short throw projectors can be ceiling mounted. Short throw projectors can easily be mounted if you have enough 4-5 feet space. But people who do not want to have a ceiling-mounted projector can also use a TV stand for a short throw projector.  Ensure you are getting high-quality short throw projectors; otherwise, they will not last long.

Now come to ultra-short throw projectors for smaller space. If you do not have 4-5 feet to mount your projector, you can always use ultra-short throw projectors. Ultra-short throw projectors can be mounted only inches from the screen. You don’t need to mount the projector 5-6 feet away if you use ultra-short throw 4k projectors. With a decent budget, there are lots of premium quality 4k projectors under 2000. These projectors are perfect for mounting 20 inches away from the screen.

How Do Short Throw Projectors Work?

Short throw projectors terminate light to the screen directly out the lens, and the ultra-short throw lens sends light that reflects off the mirror that directs the image to the screen. The short throw projector has a feature that soothes the amount of light so that it cannot create pressure on someone’s eyes. 

This feature is excellent for students and office workers because it soothes people’s eyes and does not make their eyes teary. The ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screen is appropriate for ultra-short throw projectors because of its diffuse reflectors. The diffuse reflector helps the screen’s surface to reflect all the incoming light uniformly. 

The ALR will not work if you mount the projector on the ceiling because it defeats the purpose of the ALR screen. A TV stand will keep the ultra-short throw projector in place, and the ALR screen will work perfectly. Whether it’s a short-throw projector or an ultra-short throw projector, they do not have zoom features, so you need to set up the projector in the perfect position. 

What Are the Uses Of Short Throw projectors?

The best replacement for long-throw projectors is the short-throw projector. Short throw projectors are also adequate for watching movies and presentations. So, if you don’t have a television, then a short throw projector can do the work.

Whether it’s a casual movie night or a vital presentation day, a short throw or ultra-short throw projector will be here to save you. They are also more reasonable than long throw projectors. You can buy the best short throw projectors if you have small rooms or space to project anything.

Watch movies and sports on a giant screen with the help of short throw projectors. Save your money and energy because short throw projectors are easy to set up.

Can Outdoors Projector be Ceiling Mounted? 

Outdoor projectors are another way of entertainment if you are going on a picnic or watching movies. You can watch live sports with your whole family and friends with outdoor projectors. 

If you go outside to watch live sports or your favorite Marvel movie, you might look for a place to mount the projector. You also don’t want anyone to come in front of the projector and ruin the moment of watching live sports. 

Moreover, if you are planning to watch movies with a big family, the children can also push the projector from the stand and break it. Now you will ask yourself can outdoor projectors be ceiling mounted? 

The answer can vary depending on the location you want to watch sports. If the location has built-in walls, then you can mount an outdoor projector. But if you are going to a park where you can’t find any walls to mount the projector, you can also use a TV stand for it. 

TV stands come in handy when you are looking for a place to put your projectors. So before going outside to watch movies on a projector, make sure to take the TV stands with you. 

How To Protect Outdoor Short Throw Projectors from Weather?

Nowadays since the quarantine began, people are likely to watch movies with family outdoors instead of indoors. By doing that they are enjoying their free time and engaging with their family is this busy life. 

Outdoor projectors need extra care than indoor projectors. Because outdoor projectors are more exposed to the weather than indoors ones. The dust from outside can mess up the system inside the projector. Then how can you protect outdoor projector from weather?

Here are some tips

  • Put a plastic bag on top of the projector, and do not cover the lens. This way the plastic will help the projector not to get dirty
  • Don’t mount the projector under any tree, the leaf can go inside the projector through the fans.
  • Keep the projector away from direct sunlight. The sun can cause the projector to overheat. 

Maintaining these tips will help your outdoor projector to be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I mount my projector on the ceiling?

Mounting the projector on the ceiling is a wise idea because it does not come in the way and does not take up space. Many people who do not have enough space decide to mount the projector on the living room ceiling. It helps to save the area in the room.

  • How far from the ceiling should my projector be?

The center of the projector’s lens has to be 43” far from the ceiling. Up to 10 cm can differ but make sure the lens is not touching the top of the wall.

  • Can all projectors be ceiling mounted?

Mostly every projector can be ceiling mounted except some small portable projectors. Small and portable projectors lack the mounting hardware needed for top-mounted. Ultra-short projectors are not ceiling mounted. 

  • Can you use a projector vertically?

Using projectors vertically can be possible, but it’s not good to use the projector vertically. If you use the projector vertically, the projector will overheat and interfere with the original heat conduction provided by the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Most people want to know, “can short throw projectors be ceiling mounted?”. If you are still confused, in short words, yes, short throw projectors can be ceiling mounted.

Short throw projectors 4k are the best to replace your expensive TV. If you don’t have the budget to get a giant screened tv, then short throw projectors will help you.

Every task will be more accessible, from presentations to watching movies, if you get the short throw and ultra-short throw projectors. While every short throw projector is ceiling mounted, you should put a TV stand on ultra-short throw projectors.

We hope you found this blog post on Can Short Throw Projectors be Ceiling Mounted? – Know the facts 2022 useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Ways to Improve Your Home Cinema for more great tips!

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