The success of any international conference is incumbent on the equipment used and the guests that attend the event. The use of well-functioning equipment in events can be likened to the role of a sweetener in a cup of coffee; it makes it more enticing to gulp.


As an event host, you need to distinguish between your event attendees and their needs. For a regular conference, the in-house equipment might be just enough to get the task done, but when hosting an international conference, you need more than the in-house equipment to get that ‘thumbs up’ of your attendees.

Why Do You Need Equipment To Host A Conference?

The goal of a conference is for learning, and since the speaker and attendees will be present, why need equipment to make it a success? A lot of improvements have been made to make life easier for humans, and one of such is technology.

Technology made it possible for virtually-impaired and hearing-impaired people to see and hear without any issue. So, imagine hosting a conference, and one of your attendees has a hearing impairment. How do you make him not miss any of the discussions? The use of cochlear implants can ensure this, so never underestimate the importance of equipment.

Equipment You Need To Make Your International Conference A Success

1. Microphones

An international conference will definitely consist of a large audience, either physical attendees or virtual attendees, and to make your speakers audible enough, you need microphones that transmit sound from the speaker or speakers to an audio system.

Although it is important to encourage the speaker to be audible and energetic to keep the guests engaged, to make sure the speaker is audible enough for all attendees, you need to make use of conference microphones.

2. Audio Speakers

This is synonymous with microphones since a microphone alone cannot convey a speaker’s voice. Audio speakers are needed in an international conference to transmit sound to the attendees. Also, you need to pay attention to audio speakers to ensure the quality of sound it is giving out.

Investing in subwoofer audio speakers will save you a lot of stress as they can manage multiple microphones within the conference setup.

3. Projector

Most times, international conferences will require a presentation, and the speaker will need to make slides to achieve this aim. Studies show that people tend to remember information they see and hear more than information they only hear or see.

Projectors help convey information from a device to a screen-like background so attendees can see what that speaker is talking about.

4. Interpreting Booths

An international conference will consist of people from all over the world, and we all know there are over 7,000 languages spoken in different parts of the world. How do you bring a Chinese, German, Spaniard, African, and Brazilian together in an event and pass information to them in one language? The use of translation equipment makes this possible.

You could hire an interpreter to convey the speaker’s message, but that would be stressful and inefficient because of the noise at the event. Translation equipment such as interpreting booths can save you stress since the booths have insulation that prevents noises from interfering with the interpreter’s work.

Interpreting booths help to facilitate communication between expats who do not share a common language so they can all grasp the information being passed at the conference.

5. Video Conference Software

Not everyone on the event management team will be live at the event. Also, stakeholders might request to be part of the event virtually but, of course, not on the same channel as the virtual attendees.

The video conference system will help you connect your team remotely and also provide a real-time chat feature to receive feedback. A standard video software should have a high-definition video for clear display, voice-over, recordings, and dynamic presentation. Keep up with different in-person and virtual events for expats on this site.


The use of modern equipment in an ex-pat event helps to increase the success rate of the event, which in turn boosts the event host’s career. The use of translating equipment for events helps strengthen the bonds between attendees as they bond better when they understand each other.

Additionally, the use of quality equipment will ensure quality output such as clear sounds, images, and videos free of glitches.

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How Technology Has Simplified Our Modern Life

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