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Moving home is one of the most exciting yet busiest times of our lives. There can be hundreds of actions and tasks we need to remember to make sure we complete our home move successfully. That’s why we’ve pulled together this change of address checklist to help you navigate the move smoothly. If you are moving home within the UK, then you might find SlothMove’s change of address checklist helpful. 

Without further a-do, let’s jump in

Update your change of address with your vehicle 

When it comes to your vehicle you will need to update your address with the DMV/DVLA. You must update your address on your log book, driving licence, car tax, insurance and personalised plates (should you have them). Updating your vehicle address is really important as you can actually be fined if you don’t. With the DVLA for instance, you can be fined up to £1,000 for having the incorrect address on your driving licence.

Tell your friends, family & job about your home move

This one may seem the most obvious of them all but you would be very surprised at the amount of people that actually forget to let their friends, family and career know about their move. Starting with your job, it’s important that they get the update. The days of having cheques posted to you are long behind us so you may wonder why they need to know. It’s important to do as your employer may send key communications, updates, or information linked to any one of your policies to your home address.

With your friends & family, it’s worth remembering you need only update those you want to and that may swing by unannounced. And we’d like to avoid that, if possible! If you are moving locally in the US, you should start by checking out our guide.

Complete your meter readings

If you’re moving homes you will also need to provide up-to-date meter readings to your utility providers. This is typically just providing readings for your water and energy. The only exception to this is if you don’t have your utilities metered, or if you have a SMART meter which transmits your meter readings directly to your energy supplier.

It’s really important to make sure you provide meter readings when you leave your home. It will allow your utility company to close down your account (if applicable) and provide an accurate bill (or refund) based on the amount you have paid. You may well be due a refund too as customers typically pay more money earlier in their term.

Update your address across your loyalty cards & subscriptions

Usually, our loyalty cards are the last people we think to update when we move home. We recommend making a list of all of the loyalty cards you have on a sheet of paper and work your way down the list. It’s usually good practice to update them about your move around one week before your move-in date. You may be wondering ‘why update them?’ Well, some loyalty cards send your vouchers, personalised offers and communications to your address. The last thing you want to do is let someone else claim all of your loyalty points! 

You should also make a big list for all of your subscription services – for example your dog food, home deliveries, monthly subscription boxes etc… You may also want to check-out your online accounts such as Amazon or Ebay. Lots of people mistakenly order food and packages to their previous address. And that’s not great when you’re expecting you take-away on Friday evening!

Update your insurance

We tend to have lots of different insurance products. From life insurance to home, car, pet and health – there is a lot to update. That’s why it’s good practice to make a list once again and write down everyone who you may need to update. This list is especially important as your registered address can actually affect your insurance premiums. Your car may be one price to insure in house A, but significantly more expensive at house B.

Also remember, you don’t want your mail going to someone else’s address. Mail fraud is a growing issue and you can become more at risk if others have your personal information.

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We hope you found this blog on Change of Address Checklist useful. Check out 5 Tips for Moving Into a New House for more helpful tips.

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