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Moving to Clearlake is a good idea. However, you must be sure about the reasons as to why they need or want to move there. If you are thinking, why are we focusing on the root cause of such a shift? Let us tell you something interesting. Whenever a person decides with solid reasoning, he remains put. It is because there is pressure to take such a big risk! 

 We know moving to another and a bigger city is quite a deal. You can evaluate the decision based on several notes. For example, the kind of pros and cons a city contains tells a lot about the future of that city. 

How is it to Live in Clearlake, California? 

Unlike other cities, Clearlake isn’t a big city. It is a situation in a natural spot. The impact of growth and stability is something that makes anyone excited. What does a person want anyway? Isn’t it mostly around the low cost of living, safety and security, good educational institutions, and low-income tax?

Other than that, Clearlake is relatively cheaper than other cities. Do you know why it is so? Well, it is because, in terms of the economy, the city is not very powerful and stable. We can’t say that the job opportunities are zero. But we can easily say that it has very limited kinds of job openings.  

Moving to Clearlake can be fascinating. Not just because of the harbor but also other advantages that are linked with this place. So, to make your decision easy we have listed some perks and drawbacks of finding homes for sale in Clearlake TX

Perks of Living in Clearlake’s Harbor 

Some of the most reliable and positive traits of living near the harbor are listed below. It makes residents away from the chaos of the mainstream areas of the city. What are some other advantages? Let’s check it out. 

Advantage #1: Livability 

Did you know the livability rate at Clearlake is quite above average? However, livability is measured through several factors and then weighing different variables to conclude the standard quality of living in a place. That’s why after assessing the entire data and all, we got to know that livability is relatively better than in other cities. On the other hand, education, living cost, the happiness of residents, and crime rates help in determining the livability rate. 

Advantage #2: Educational Advantages

If and when you compare the education of Clearlake with other cities. You’ll find it much more advanced and better. However, educational stats whether they are good or bad are based on the government or public educational centers. What really counts under good education? It includes the fee structure, the process of enrolling a child in a school, the ratio of teachers and pupils, etc.  

Advantage #3: Living Cost at Clearlake

It is a must for you and everyone to check out the living cost before relocating to a new city. So, when you ask or think about the living cost at Clearlake, it is pretty lower as compared to other cities. Another question that you may ask is – how is the living cost measured? Well, it is measured with the help of factors like transportation, utilities, grocery, health, housing cost, etc. 

Drawbacks of Living in Clearlake’s Harbor 

Somehow there are a lot of reasons why one must get concerned while moving to Clearlake. Why is it so? Well, it is all about the crime rate and the population rate. What are some other disadvantages? Let’s check it out. 

Drawback #1: Crime Rate at Clearlake 

Unfortunately, harbor-sited cities are usually high in crime rates. There is a reason though. It is easily intruded on by strangers and whatnot! Keeping that aside, you should know that Clearlake circulates news regarding crime in the city almost all the time.

 Drawback #2: Population 

Clearlake has only 15,323 residents; an extremely small population. Smaller towns and cities with less than 30,000 residents tend to have the worst economic conditions. Clearlake doesn’t offer a lot!

Reviews of Tourists About Clearlake

In realtors’ opinion, Clearlake can be the best spot for some. But it might not be the spot where you would like to spend your vacations. The reason given by them is that the spot is not perfect because it is not clean to the point where it will excite people. The lake itself is extremely murky. But on the other hand, there are many positive reviews about this place. Some of them said, the kind of food in restaurants offered is pretty okay-ish. Not fancy but not bad either. 

Clearlake a Yay or a Nay?

It is upon you as an individual to live or not to live in Clearlake. All these pros and cons mentioned in the blog will help you to have a clear picture of the city. So yeah, make sure whatever is decided has a backup plan. Because we know it hurts when our plans are not materialized. According to the new residents of Clearlake, the city gave a fun feel.

We hope you found this blog post Clearlake – Your Life In The Harbor useful. Be sure to check out our post How to Approach a Job Search When Moving to a New City for more great tips!

How to Make Moving to a Big City Easier

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