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The excitement of moving to a new city paired with that urge to build a home for yourself once you choose a new place to live can be both intimidating and exhilarating. So many unknown factors to keep in mind and so many new things to discover! If you need to look for work on top of it all, the process can seem a little overwhelming, especially if this is your first time moving without a permanent position waiting for you in your new residence.

As if that’s not complicated enough, the pandemic is changing the playing field, and not all sectors are open to hiring. If you work in healthcare or IT, your chances are better, but some preparation is still essential to ensure success! To help you eliminate obstacles and increase your chances to get a job, we’ve created this actionable guide with a few tried and tested tips to help you find work in your new city!

Do Some Research In Advance

When you’re moving to a new place, you’ll need to do thorough research before you choose your dream home, invest in real estate of any kind, or set a date for the move. In the same spirit, you should do your homework to learn as much as you can about possible work opportunities in your new area of residence.

Take note of relevant governmental departments where you need to apply for a permit if you’re moving abroad. Get in touch with dedicated sectors where you can get help to find work locally. Finding the right contact information before you move can make all the difference in landing the perfect position right away.

If Applicable, Consider Remote Positions

Even before the pandemic, remote work has flourished for many people worldwide, and you, too, can potentially build your career without working at an office. This isn’t always possible, of course, but if you come from an industry such as graphic design or SEO, you can expand your search to include remote positions and not just location-based jobs.

Just make sure that you have a dedicated home office in your new apartment or house so that you can work without disruptions and find a job that can help you settle in more easily.

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Update Your Resume And Social Media Info

When you’re relocating for a job, you already have clarity on what you’ll do and where you’ll be. When we’re just moving without a position waiting for us, sometimes the most straightforward and obvious steps are the ones we fail to follow. When moving and finding a job, you might forget to look at your social media profiles such as LinkedIn and update your basic information.

Don’t forget to update your resume as well, especially if you have a website describing your skills and experience and showcasing your portfolio. Make sure that people can reach you, so share your new contact details with your professional network.

Upgrade Your Skills With Specific Certifications

Even if you work in high-demand industries such as healthcare, you still need to have the right qualifications to find the right job. If you’re changing countries and not just moving to a neighboring city, you may need to apply for specific courses that cover skills such as cardiac life support or advanced pediatric care to be a viable candidate in that region.

Do your research in healthcare and if necessary, consider applying for ACLS certification to be eligible for open positions in the new location. Building up your skills and knowledge with what’s relevant and most in-demand in the city of your choice can give you the advantage you need to find a job more quickly and settle in without setbacks.

Actively Reach Out To Your Network

Moving can be riddled with challenges, but finding a new, well-paid position in your field of expertise doesn’t have to be one! This is not a moment to be timid or to wait for people to reach out to you. Many companies in your field of work might be open to new applicants even when they’re not actively hiring. You can do some digging, find companies that you like, and apply there.

Perhaps they can point you in the right direction if they cannot hire you. Maybe they can tell you if another local company would be open, or they might be willing to share their contacts with you. Post on social media actively that you’re looking for work, and be specific. You’d be surprised how many recruiting companies look for people just like you.

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Seasonal Work As Your Temporary Fallback

Depending on your skills and experience, as well as the location you’ve chosen, you’ll likely find a whole slew of short-term positions that can provide you with financial stability while you’re on the hunt for something more permanent. Seasonal work can be gratifying, stress-free, and it can help you build your initial, much-needed connections to get a full-time job later on.

Even if there’s nothing you can find locally due to the pandemic-related restrictions, you can try combining volunteering opportunities with online work. Digital projects can help you follow the social distancing rules while you still get paid enough to lead a stable life.

Over to You

The current situation might not be working in your favor (or maybe it is!), but you can rely on your own skills paired with a few creative suggestions we’ve listed here. Whatever happens, don’t give up, and give yourself enough time to find a position you’ll love, and that will help you start your new life in a new city with ease.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post How to Approach a Job Search When Moving to a New City useful. Be sure to check out our post Taking a Job in a New Area? How to Get Ready for Your Move for more great tips!


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