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There are many types of doors, and with each one comes an assortment of different parts. When you are purchasing any doors or windows, it’s not just about the frame but also about the individual components that make it a whole structure that you can get installed into your home to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

A door is an essential part of the overall house as it gives people the first impression of your home, especially if it is at your front entrance. Doors are in constant use, always opening and closing, so they need to be sturdy and of high quality. When purchasing doors there are a few things to keep in mind. We look at these below.

How To Choose The Best Front Door for Your House

When choosing the best door for your place, there are few factors to consider: cost, security features, style, and material. The best front door options will depend on these and the building regulations of your area.

You might be building a new home or doing a renovation, or perhaps you’re doing some upgrading and want to replace your doors with something better.

Some homeowners choose to restore their existing door instead of replacing it; click here for tips on how to restore your front door.

The choice you make will be an important one and it depends heavily on the curb appeal as well as its practical features. You should consider choosing one that is not only of the highest quality but also one that keeps your home secure and well insulated.

One of the key characteristics is the material it is made from. There are several material choices for homeowners. We discuss some good choices for you below.

Choosing Materials for Your Front Door

First, decide where the door will be located. Front doors do not always need to be at the front of the property. A quick tip is to check for lighting. For instance, if your door is to be in a room where there is not much light, consider choosing one with a glass finishing or frosted glass finish, so that natural light can go through it; or perhaps you can opt for one with sidelights.

If it will be facing a busy road or noisy side of the house, you can choose a door that is suitable for blocking noise out. Here are some material choices:

Composite Material

Composite front doors are designed to resemble wood or timber. These are very low-maintenance and can be painted in different colors. Also, the one attractive benefit of these is they are well-insulated so they can keep your house warm during winter with no air passing through them.

This thermal efficiency can also help you with your electricity bills at the end of the month. They are manufactured using  GPR or glass-reinforced fiber and tend to be quite thick, almost up to 44mm, which allows them to be insulated on the inside using a hard foam-like component, which is then reinforced with either a solid timber core or a steel exterior.

Depending on the paint color you use, the surface may be scratched easily, so you need to be careful where it goes. If you have kids, they may be better off staying in other parts of the rooms instead of the bedrooms, recreation, or family rooms.

Timber or Wooden Doors

Cheaper woods such as softwoods aren’t always the best option for exterior doors, but they can work for the inside of the house. Timber does need to be maintained, as weather conditions could damage it with constant exposure, so whether it’s a coat of varnish or a paint job, make sure you are up to the task. They do, however have special appeal to them.

You can opt for hardwood or heat-treated woods as well, such as Accoya which is a non-toxic and durable material for most furnishings. These have a very long life span of up to 50 years and are more stable than most woods, plus they require no treatment once they comes out of the manufacturing plants.

PVC materials, also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride un-plasticized, are another popular option. Although it is lightweight, it is robust. However, it is a form of plastic, so if you’re into ‘green living’ it may not be right for your home.

In terms of cost, it is the cheapest option on the market. It may not be easy to match this material to the rest of the components in the house, so keep that in mind.

black metal front door with silver handle

Aluminum or Steel

These are also some of the strongest door materials you will find. They are durable and do a good job of adding a modern touch to any building. The ‘industrial looking’ aspect adds a flare to the front facades of your property. Metal isn’t as weak as other materials and there is no risk of warping due to weather conditions. While some doors tend to contract and expand with the seasons, these do not.

A door will come as a plain sheet of material. You will need to choose the various individual door accessories that will complete the picture. These will include the door locks and latches, door handles or knobs, and even the hinges, cylinders, screws.

Some people also prefer a decorative aspect to their doors. In this case, commercial door products will have an assortment of different designs and colors for you to look at to complement the full picture.

There is a lot of thought that goes into the process of building a home or getting it renovated, and the details matter, if you want it to look good in the end.

Choosing your door can be fun! Do some thorough research to see which one will look the best and help serve your purpose.

You should have come up with some new ideas after reading this essay. Additional suggestions can be found on this page: How To Choose the Perfect Door Design For Your Home


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