Everyone knows that a house renovation can be one of the most expensive projects anyone can undertake. Although the price of remodeling your home can be intimidating, house renovations are one area of life where it pays not to cut costs. Instead, spending money early on, and making sure things are done right, can save you years in extra money, hassle, and time. Attention to detail also helps you ensure that your house is safe for you or for anyone living there. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, you’re renovating to create the house of your dreams, or you’re remodeling to sell, these house renovation tips will give you some pointers about when and how to save money on your home.

Start With Structure

Start With Structure

When you’re planning a complete house renovation, it’s crucial that you take into account any pre-existing structural issues before you make a start. It is also important to plan out home insurance to be safe during the process. A house renovation can be the ideal time to deal with any problems, like a poorly insulated roof or faulty plumbing, which may be plaguing your property. Think about it – when, in the future, will you get the chance to strip your house down and examine its basic structure? If you do a heap of improvements on shaky foundations, you risk having to undo this work in the future to deal with a problem that may have a simple fix. Set aside money from your overall budget and prioritize any structural issues that may compromise the efficiency or safety of your home.

Plan Your Living Space

Plan Your Living Space

Whether you’re doing a DIY house renovation or consulting with an architect, it’s worth thinking about how you want to use your space once the whole house renovation is complete. If you’re someone who likes to spend their mornings relaxing in the living room, arrange your home renovation design so that the living room gets a lot of sunlight first thing. This way, you’ll save on heating and lighting costs. 

Build-in an Energy-Efficient Water Supply

Water Supply

Looking for some old house renovation ideas to bring your property into the modern age? How about going green when it comes to your water supply? Old plumbing systems can cause unnecessary issues and may put off potential buyers if you’re renovating to sell. Consider installing a system that recycles water or investing in water-efficient appliances. This could drastically cut your energy costs and carbon footprint making your house a highly desirable property to live in or to buy. Continue to read How Good Design Increases the Value of Your New Home

Insulate Effectively 

Proper insulation really is a long-term money saver when it comes to your complete house renovation. Anyone who has tried to heat a poorly insulated home knows that it can cost a fortune and send your energy usage through the roof. Gaps between floorboards, around ceiling fittings, and between window panes can make your house a chilly, uninviting, and noisy place to live. Something that’s bound to put a dampener on enjoying your newly remodeled home. If you’re renovation already involves stripping ceilings, floors, and walls, it’s worth sealing any gaps between boards or fully insulating the walls and ceiling with fiberglass. Ensure that doors fit their frames so that draughts can’t worm their way underneath and choose double glazing windows to make sure your house stays cozy all year round.

Think Energy Efficient

Want to go the extra mile to reduce your energy bills and benefit the environment with your house renovation? Consider using solar panels to heat your home! Solar panels are ideal if you live in a warm climate. They will provide you with a clean, long-lasting supply of renewable energy straight to your home. Solar panels can be installed on the roof or on the grounds of your property for optimal results. If you want to go green inside as well as out, think about the type of appliances you buy for your home. If you’re looking to do an old house kitchen renovation, replace items like washing machines or dishwashers with smart kitchen appliances instead. Be sure to choose items based on their energy rating to slash your electrical costs. In order to save more money, read Smart Devices to Save Electricity in Your Home.

Exploit Natural Light

Exploit Natural Light

A great way to keep energy costs down in your house renovation is to use natural light to brighten your home. If large windows are out of your budget, or you’re worried about draughts and insulation, try adding a sun tunnel to your hallway, bathroom, or kitchen. Sun tunnels are cylindrical tubes that run between your roof and a porthole in your ceiling. They provide a gorgeous, natural glow that can reduce the need for electrical lighting in your home. Cheap and easy to install, sun tunnels provide an innovative and stylish means of efficiently lighting your home. Perfect for a DIY house renovation!

Small House Renovation Ideas 

Working with limited space and looking for house renovation tips? Plan your living space with storage in mind. Fold-down tables and workspaces are ideal as space-saving options. You could also maximize storage space by building drawers into the side of your staircase. Just be sure to use the right drawer slides for better weight support and overall functionality.. You can also create ample space to hang pots and pans on the walls of your kitchen.

Use Interior Design to Your Advantage

Once you’ve got your living space planned, you can start thinking about your house renovation ideas interior design. Live in a cold climate and want to keep heating bills low? Plush carpets and thick curtains are ideal ways to keep out the cold. Putting the same amount of effort into planning your décor, as you did your exterior design, will ensure that every part of your house works for you to save money and create the perfect home.

Interior Design

Think About Who You’re Renovating for

One final tip! When you’re doing a complete house renovation, it’s worth keeping your external surroundings in mind. Especially, if you’re renovating to sell. Don’t forget, potential buyers will see the outside of your house first, so don’t forget to spruce up outdoor areas. Give the exterior walls some TLC if required and remember to clean up any debris or building materials left outside.

Final Call:

Have you renovated a property to sell or live in? What tips and tricks did you use to save money and ensure that your house renovation was a success? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments section! 

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