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While there are over 82 million garages in the US, not all of us are lucky enough to have homes with traditional space drives. However, we still need to keep our cars safe from harsh weather conditions and theft.

Fortunately, there are many budget car storage solutions (garage alternatives). Here, we list the eight most popular budget-friendly options for you. Starting with:

#1. Carports

Carports are the most common car storage solution, second only to traditional garages. The structure can protect your vehicle from rain, snow, hail, and sun and has much better ventilation than garages.

A carport can be standalone or connected to the side of your home. When built rights, they can also add smaller, tasteful designs to your home, thus increasing the curb appeal. 

Plus, with the styles and sizes available, you can customize your carport to fit your home’s overall aesthetic. 

Depending on your skills, you can build a carport from scratch. But if DIY is not for you, you can buy the structure and install it professionally. 

#2. Sheds

Sheds make great car storage alternatives because, like garages, they can serve different purposes. In addition to storing your car, you can use the structure as an additional storage space for tools and other useful items.

Building a small shed is also an easy DIY undertaking. Or you can opt for ready-made sheds. 

However, choose steel sheds because they’ll be sturdy and can withstand harsh weather. 

Though more visually appealing, wood sheds can be susceptible to weather erosion, termites, and fungi. 

#3. Prefab Garages

Prefab garages, or modular garages, are fully assembled, ready-to-use, portable structures that can be delivered. 

They are partially manufactured off-site before being transported to your location. Depending on their size, garages are usually built and transported in sections, allowing you or professionals (traditionally provided by the company) to set them up on-site.

The current top prefab options in the market include:

  • Fully constructed single-car garage
  • Double-wide garage (delivered in two pieces)
  • Metal prefab garage kit
  • Wooden pole barn garage kit
  • Three-car prefab garage

Plus, the variety of sizes, colors, and design options lets you customize the prefab garages to your style. 

#4. Awnings

Awnings are the secondary coverings attached to a building or the exterior of your house–usually windows, doors, or patios—that keep your cars from brutal weather. They work similarly to a carport (#1), the only difference being that they are not standalone structures. 

Awnings is an excellent, nifty garage solution for properties with tight spaces, especially if your area needs leveling for construction.  

However, since they don’t provide much cover, they’ll keep your car quite vulnerable. Also, since they do not radiate heat, you’ll have to scrape your windows in snowy weather. 

#5. Telescoping Tents

Telescopic tents work as the portable and much more accessible version of awnings. You can use the tent to cover the car and pack it again. Plus, setting up the tent takes little time.

Car owners also like to take the telescopic tent while traveling, especially on car trips. This makes it a great choice if you don’t want to spend much while ensuring your car stays in the best shape possible. 

#6. Carcoon

Using carcoons for storage is like putting your car into a protective bubble. The outdoor versions make it look more like a bubble within a bubble–a big step up from conventional car covers. 

A Carcoon uses two layers of alloy-coated and waterproof material, separated by an air gap, to envelope your car in a bubble. The air between the gaps flows continuously through carbon filters to remove water and fuel vapor, thus preventing any condensation. 

While the Carcoon is self-supporting, it does need power all the time. And it’s also more time-consuming than simply unfurling your cover and putting it over the car. 

#7. Outdoor Car Shield

The outdoor car shield is similar to the Carcoon—it provides constant air circulation, refreshed five times every hour inside PVC inflatable cocoons. The shield also comes with windows so you can check on your car during winter.

While the option is more expensive, it does provide the benefits of a garage, as it is a more rigid structure.

The outdoor car shield is an excellent alternative if you want to build your own climate-control garage on a budget. 

#8. Quonset Hut

Quonset huts are semi-circular structures. And, though their popularity has decreased with modern solutions, they still remain an excellent option if you want to park multiple cars–provided you have the space.

The huts come in both open-ended and closed designs. Unlike other options on our list, this one can be locked for security and offers ample storage space. 

Also, there is not much difference between a Quonset hut and a garage–except for the prices and the roof clearances (due to their rounded sides.)

In Conclusion

Nothing beats a private garage. However, the eight creative car storage options shared do come close to giving your cars the safety and care they need. Therefore, consider your area and preferences and choose the options that best meet your needs. Let us know which one you liked best, and don’t forget to look around our website, especially when you’re looking for solutions for moving into a new home.

We hope you found this blog post on Creative Car Storage Solutions An A Budget  useful. Be sure to check out our post on Reasons to Use Self Storage When Relocating in Texas for more great tips!

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