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One of the first steps you must do when moving to a new place is to change your address. Changing your address can prevent lost mail from your friends, family, government agencies, and bank.

How do you forward your mail and change your address? How soon can you change address when moving? How about the cost? How much would it cost to change your address? Why forward your mail?

This article discusses how to forward your mail and change your address so you do not miss any mail. It also explains how soon you can change address, how much it costs to change address and why you should forward your mail to your new address.

If you want to change your mailing address through the local post office, use findpostoffice.org to find post offices near you.

How Do You Forward Your Mail and Change Your Address?

When moving to a new place, it may be news to your friends and family about the move. Even government agencies and credit card companies may not have an idea that you have a new address.

It will be best to forward your mail to the United States Postal Service (USPS). To ensure your mail will correctly be delivered to your new address and you will not lose any.

You can permanently or temporarily change your address. You can do it in person by going to a post office or online. Either way, it would be best to do it as soon as possible to avoid lost mail and have your mail delivered to the correct new address.

There is also a Premium Forwarding Service Residential which is different from a regular mail forwarding service. This premium service is only temporary. You can use it for a year.

How does this premium forwarding service works? It requires a one-time enrollment fee and a weekly fee afterward. Your mail will be held and packaged by USPS and delivered to your address using Priority Mail Service.


You can change your address without leaving your house when forwarding your mail and changing your address. The simplest option is to do it online.

Visit USPS.com, click the tab “Quick Tools, and select “Change My Address.” The website will then take you to the USPS Official Change of Address form.

To fill up the form, you will need essential details, such as your old address and the new address you want to forward your mail to.

In Person

You can personally change your address by going to your local post office. You will have to request the official change of address form 3575.

Provide the essential details in filling out the form, such as your old and new address, and submit it to the postal employee. Expect the confirmation letter sent by USPS within a week.

How Soon Can You Change Address When Moving?

When moving to a new place, you can start setting your mail-forwarding three months before moving to your new address.

It would be best to change your address as soon as you make sure of the moving address or sign your lease.

It is still important to change your address even if you are moving temporarily.

If you are moving to a new address but in the same city for a short time, you can request the post office to hold your mail instead of sending it to your old address. You can also use this request when you extend a vacation.

If you are temporarily moving to a new place, USPS will forward your mail and packages for up to a year after a change of address. At the same time, you can have newsletters and magazines delivered for 60 days. If you would like to, you can request an extension.

If you prefer to use a P.O. box, it will be best that you set this up as soon as possible. You can sign up online to find a P.O. box near your new address. You can also select the P.O. Box you want to rent and the duration.

After signing up, go to the post office with the printed form, two forms of ID, and email receipt and submit these documents.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Address?

To change your address online, it will cost $1. This cost of a dollar using your credit card is to prevent fraud and verify your identification.

USPS will not charge you any amount when you decide to personally change your address in the post office.

When using the Premium Forwarding Service Residential, the one-time enrollment fee will charge you $20.15 or $18.15 when you avail of the service online. A $20.15 fee for the weekly fee premium service afterward.

Why Forward Your Mail?

When you move permanently or temporarily, you may choose to forward all of your mail to your new address.

Not doing so can result in missing important mail from family, banks, or government agencies.

Forwarding your mail will be beneficial for you. For one, it can shorten the list of places you may have to notify regarding your new address.

Banks, publishers, and medical centers pay “ancillary address service” from USPS. The service means certain companies will get the new address you recently moved into after registering and not have to file a change of address.

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