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The HVAC industry is evolving to meet sustainability demands. Many companies are now embracing eco-friendly practices by using green products that cut down on their carbon footprints. The actions people take daily can have a significant impact on the world. HVAC companies are realizing the extreme importance of taking the initiative to rise above past constraints and improve their operations. Learning about green HVAC initiatives helps home and business owners seek the best approach to their needs. 

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

Being green means embracing energy-efficient HVAC options. Higher SEER ratings mean the HVAC unit works more efficiently and uses less energy. Going green in the HVAC industry also means taking care to recycle old HVAC appliances and components. In the office, these companies take the initiative to recycle paper and avoid waste. Homeowners can go greener by seeking eco-friendly HVAC services

Why Should Homeowners Embrace Green HVAC Technology?

Switching to green HVAC technology has a significant impact on the environment and can help homeowners save money. Homeowners are often unaware of the many green HVAC options available to them. Consider the following reasons for making the switch. 

Homeowners Can Obtain Tax Breaks when They Go Green

The United States government is working diligently to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprints. Tax breaks up to $5,000 can go a long way toward cutting the costs of purchasing an eco-friendly HVAC system. 

The Government is Phasing Out R22

R22 was once the gold standard for refrigerant but has become outdated. The US government started the phasing-out process in 2020. It is now illegal to manufacture R22, and all new air conditioners must be manufactured with new cooling technology. Homeowners with older systems must have their units serviced, making repairs much more expensive and difficult. Considering the switch will save homeowners hassles regarding refrigerant. 

Embrace Solar Power

Solar power is a renewable energy source. This energy source is the most recognizable green source in the world, though there are other options. The government gives tax advantages to homeowners who invest in solar power. Solar power is a win-win energy source for homeowners who want to do their part in reducing greenhouse gases. 

How Can Homeowners Add Green Enhancements to their Existing HVAC Units?

Homeowners do not necessarily have to purchase new green HVAC units, though this is the most effective way of going green. There are also additions homeowners can purchase to make their current HVAC systems more energy-efficient. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to control their HVAC systems from anywhere, even while on vacation. These devices allow homeowners to shut off or cut on their HVAC systems from remote locations. Homeowners can program their HVAC systems to go on and off at specific times. For instance, they can shut the HVAC system down during the day and have it scheduled to turn on before they get home to warm or cool the air. 

Install a Zoned HVAC System

Zoned systems are more efficient and save homeowners money on heating and cooling costs. Rooms not in use do not need heat or air conditioning. Shutting off service to these rooms reduces energy waste and decreases the cost for homeowners. 

Install an HVAC Economizer

HVAC economizers draw cooler air from outside into the home to keep it more comfortable without generating the cooling process from the HVAC system. These systems reduce the amount of energy consumed in cooling homes by up to 75%. Older systems may lack this new technology. HVAC technicians can install an HVAC economizer on many types of systems. 

Should Homeowners Consider AC on Ice?

Ice-powered systems cool the air inside the home with a greener approach that uses less energy. During the night, these systems freeze a large amount of water. During the hottest parts of the day, the system uses ice to cool the air instead of refrigerant. Once the ice melts, the regular HVAC unit kicks back in and cools the home the traditional way until the water refreezes. These systems are highly efficient and effective while improving the value of homes. 

Modernize Radiators to Make them Work More Efficiently

Another green initiative in the HVAC industry revolves around radiators. Today’s radiator technology is much more efficient. For maximum green effort, homeowners can install boilers to heat the water. Geothermal power is also something homeowners can consider installing. 

Schedule an HVAC Evaluation

Homeowners concerned about their HVAC systems should consider scheduling an evaluation appointment. HVAC technicians will audit the homeowner’s current HVAC system to determine where improvements can be made and what new HVAC products would be most effective. 

Homeowners will receive a full report that details the HVAC technician’s findings. Technicians will offer innovative approaches to helping homeowners go greener. The latest technology in the HVAC industry can completely transform the way homeowners heat and cool their homes. 

Select the Best Green HVAC Company

A significant part of going green means seeking companies that have the same ideals. Unfortunately, not all HVAC companies are embracing green initiatives, but many are making changes. When researching HVAC companies, homeowners must ask pertinent questions to learn about the operations. Green technology is evolving rapidly in the HVAC industry. Companies that want to attract customers will need to make changes in the way they operate. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making HVAC changes. If an HVAC company does not advertise its green approach, it is likely they do not have one. 

While no HVAC company is perfect in its green approach, homeowners should research to understand the changes the company is adopting. Even small green changes can have a positive impact on the environment, especially if more home and business owners get on board.

While green HVAC upgrades can be expensive, many of them come with tax advantages that can reduce the costs significantly. Working with the best HVAC provider will help guide homeowners in making green decisions that protect the environment and reduce operational costs. Now is the time to embrace going green in the HVAC industry.

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