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Hardly anyone likes relocating. And the problem is only partly psychological. Many people dread moving, especially moving to a dorm, because of all the physical difficulties that go with it.

Even if you may be dying with anticipation to see your roommates and start a new life away from home, you’re hardly as excited about having to pack all your belongings, look for a moving company, and so on.

At such moments, it is easy to lose your focus and forget about what exactly you need to take with you, let alone how to pack it properly. But the thing is, your move to the dorm, if not carried out right, can do a lot of damage to the environment.

So, we’ve gathered a list for you to make your relocation comfortable and eco-friendly. Here are the main rules:

  • Obtain or create a packing list and pack according to the list;
  • Share with your roommates(s);
  • Opt for reusable options;
  • Use fabrics;
  • Obtain used boxes;
  • Dispose of packagings properly.

Before we take a closer look at each rule, here’s one more tip. If you feel too stressed, don’t make your condition worse by trying to do too much. While you’re busy settling down, use services like Essay Pro to help you with homework.

Now, let’s move on to our tips.

Devise a Packing List and Follow It 

Most colleges offer packing lists for students moving to the dorm. The first thing you have to do is obtain one. It will help you know what things are essential and what can be found on-campus.

For example, it may not be necessary to bring some stationery items and plenty of other things to the dorm. Things you’ll most probably need to bring with you include bed sheets, towels, laundry items, and more.

Share With Your Roommate(s)

The next thing to do before you begin preparations is to contact your would-be roommate(s) and discuss who is going to bring what. There are many things that don’t need to duplicate, like sewing and tool kits, flashlights, can openers, and many other items.

Prefer Reusable Containers

After you’ve consulted the list and discussed all the details with your future roommate(s), it’s time to start packing. And though your first thought may be to order brand-new boxes and containers, don’t follow this impulse.

First, try to put to good use everything that you already have and are planning to take with you anyway. Trash cans, wastepaper baskets and laundry bins, suitcases, gym bags and duffel bags, and even dresser drawers – all these can be put to good use.

Use as Little Wrapping Material as You Can 

Wrapping materials like bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and cling film are a huge problem for our environment. So, you should try to minimize use of those.

If you need to wrap something fragile, better use fabric – towels, bedsheets, and even your own clothes will serve the purpose just fine.

If a plastic package is unavoidable, use the materials you already have at home. You can also ask your friends and relatives and find out if they have something left that they don’t need anymore.

Obtain Used Cardboard Boxes 

Chances are that however hard you try, you will still need to use some packaging. In such a case, prefer cardboard boxes as they are fully recyclable. Before buying new ones, use whatever you or your friends and relatives have first.

If you want to really go green (and save some money in the process), you can also try to call local stores and try to obtain used boxes there, or look for them on specialized websites.

Dispose of Your Packaging Materials Properly 

After your successful relocation, don’t hurry to throw all the packages and wrapping away. First of all, remember that you will have to move out at the end of the year. So, store everything you can and save it for your next relocation. You can also give the materials to other movers.

If some of the packaging materials are in too poor condition to be reused, dispose of them properly. Sort all your garbage and carry it to the appropriate garbage can. If you have no such containers near your location, you might even need to take some of your garbage to the nearest recycling center.

Final Words 

Relocating is usually stressful for those moving. Still, there’s no need to make it traumatic for the planet. All the packaging and wrapping involved in the process pollute the environment immensely. So, we all should try to do whatever we can to minimize this damage.

When moving to a dorm, follow our guidelines for an eco-friendly relocation. This will be your small but important contribution to a better future for our wonderful planet.

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