With the rise of online brands at a global level, the need for reliable boxes has also surged. Custom rigid boxes rank among superior boxes that are safe for shipping and storage. Made with thicker materials than standard boxes, rigid boxes help brands win clients’ trust. They can use these boxes to pack and ship heavy, luxury, fragile, and gift items. The strong material provides extra support to the items during storage at the warehouse and while shipping.

rigid boxes for shipping products

Role of Custom Rigid Boxes in Making Global Shipping Secure 

Shipping at the global level becomes hectic for brands as they have to deliver orders over long distances. For example, a person in the UK shops from a US-based online brand that also imports items from China. Upon receiving the order, such a brand will import the order from China, store it in its warehouse situated in the US, and then, deliver it to the client in the UK.

Companies place boxes over one another during shipping. The heavy box content can cause the boxes below to distort under high pressure. Thus, remote shipping demands packaging that can endure high pressures. Made from rugged materials, rigid boxes can withstand such pressures and ensure intact shipping of orders.

How Rigid Boxes Benefit Clients & Brands? 

Brands don’t need to worry about the safe storage of their items at commercial offices and warehouses. They can win the clients’ trust with an intact delivery of items. Clients can also feel confident about receiving their products in perfect condition. They don’t have to go through refund or order replacement processes upon receiving damaged orders. Brands can gain a loyal client base due to these boxes and maximize their sales revenue. Offering high levels of safety boosts the value and demand for custom rigid boxes in the market.

Shipping Heavy & Fragile Items with Rigid Boxes 

Due to the high market value of rigid boxes, various industries use them for packing their items. These include edibles, beverages, medicines, decorations, cosmetics, etc. All of these items need firm packaging that ensures no damage to their state while shipping.

At times, brands need to ship luxury or heavy items such as computer accessories, furniture, or electronic items. Similarly, many products come in fragile glass packaging, thereby requiring the utmost levels of care. Best place to buy boxes because CPP boxes excels in the art of creating safe packaging like custom rigid boxes. Our clients in the US know us for our expertise, seamless services, and practical packaging solutions.

Shipping Special Gift Items with Rigid Boxes 

Both brands and clients need packaging that helps to safely deliver special gift items. These include regular gift items for clients and giveaways or promotional items for brands. With rigid boxes, brands can successfully achieve their safe shipping goals. Let’s look into ways in which these boxes can be worthy of them:

1. Gift Items 

Clients often have to give gifts without looking into the packed item that is hidden under several layers of packaging. Finding the gift item to be damaged can be disgraceful to both the sender and the recipient. With such a bad client experience, brands can lose their worth in the market. That is why, they have to ensure the safe shipping of gift items until they reach the recipients.

Made from corrugated and paperboard material, these boxes ensure safe storage of gift items in the warehouse until they reach the recipients. This leads to positive customer experiences and fosters the brand’s growth in the market.

2. PR Items 

Public relations is among the most vital marketing aspects that brands have to manage. They need to make a positive bond with influencers who in turn promote their items among their followers. These influencers include people in media and businesses among others.

Brands send special PR boxes to these people to win their trust. The influencers will positively promote the brand if they are impressed. In case any influencer receives spoiled items, it can negatively impact the brand’s reputation. Thus, brands need sturdy packaging to ship PR items securely to avoid mishaps. Custom rigid boxes become the top choice for brands, in this case, to safely transport PR gift items.

3. Giveaway Items 

Brands celebrate their loyal clients by gifting them giveaways. Such gifts fortify their bond with the clients and help them build a loyal customer base. These giveaway items need packaging that can secure them during shipping.

Brands opt for tailored rigid packaging for shipping these items until the order reaches the clients’ doorstep. With these boxes, brands can witness a rise in their client base due to the safe shipping of giveaway items. 

Make Global Shipping Secure by Raising the Safety of Custom Rigid Boxes  

To make rigid boxes more secure, brands can add inserts in them while benefiting from their material strength. They can achieve such safety in these ways:

  1. To pack certain items, brands can tailor rigid boxes to fit the size of the product. For example, box makers can alter the size of a rigid box to fit the size of the decoration item. This will stop the item from moving freely inside the box, preventing it from physical harm.
  2. Custom inserts like cushions can be placed inside the boxes to provide a cushioning effect to the packed items. In case of any sudden jerks on the way, boxes will sustain the pressure, keeping the packed items secure. Cushions also help boxes sustain the pressure of other boxes placed above them whether in the warehouse or while shipping.
  3. Finishing type like lamination seals the rigid box and prevents outside pollutants from entering. Such an add-on is best for items like medicines, edibles, and beverages. A fine lamination on the box can prevent pollutants like germs and bacteria from reacting with the packed items and spoiling their quality.  

Brands can add these features to make their rigid boxes secure and make global shipping safe.

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