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There’s nothing like moving into a new home – especially in the Music City. Nashville is known for being a vibrant town with a great passion for creativity; it’s the spiritual hometown of country music, which lends a special flair to its flavor. More than that, there are many amazing cultural institutions that can help ignite your hunger for knowledge, including the National Museum of African American Music and the Frist Art Museum.

Tempting as it is to immediately dive into all these delights, a bit of preparation can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your Nashville residence, which should be a cozy sanctuary you can return to after a long day of fun. Here are the top tips for preparing yourself for your Music City adventure once you’ve found the perfect property and packed your bags.

Schedule a Carpet Cleaning of Your New Home

Start off on the right foot by sinking your socks into some luxurious carpet! If you’ve been lucky enough to move into a home with plush floor coverings, you should consider cleaning it before you start hauling in your boxes, as you might not know when the sellers last had the home spruced up. 

If you’re moving from afar, you might not yet be familiar with the best carpet cleaning companies in the Nashville area, but thankfully, you can just perform a quick Google search of ‘carpet cleaning Nashville, TN’ and begin to evaluate your options. Look for a company with years of experience, professional certifications, and a great price!

Consider Eco-Friendly Property Improvements

When you first move in is one of the best times to start making environmentally conscious upgrades to your home, as it’s easy to get complacent once you’re settled and decide it’s not worth the trouble. 

There are a variety of ways that you can help the environment – and save yourself on energy and other utilities – by adding things like low-flow toilets and heat pumps. Get solar panels installed by a roofer or contract a local consultant to learn your options for a safer, more eco-aware home.

If you’re not sure where to begin, the US Green Building Council has an incredibly helpful Green Homes Guide that will show you the most prudent options for your renovation.

Research Native Gardens

Speaking of green, everyone loves some gorgeous greenery around the home, which is why so many new homeowners head off to the garden store as soon as they’ve unpacked their boxes. 

However, did you know that choosing native plants makes it easier to maintain your lawn? They require less watering, fertilization, and weeding, as they are perfectly matched to the local environment and will thrive beautifully if you simply plant them in the right spot. More than that, they provide food sources and shelter for some of Nashville’s prettiest visitors, including monarch butterflies and bumble bees. Even better, you might see Tennessee’s only native lizard species, the mysterious color-changing anole!

Some great native plant species to brighten up your yard include wild blue flox, wild azalea, spicebush, Tennessee coneflower, and Brown-Eyed Susan. If you want a more carefree approach, you can buy wildflower seed kits that you simply sprinkle in freshly tilled soil, then sit back and watch them sprout over time. By planting local, you can delight in what makes Music City so beautiful and help the environment!

Hold Off On Buying Furniture and Decor

It’s incredibly tempting to run out to one of Nashville’s funky furniture stores and immediately buy up new chairs, nightstands, and paintings, but this might not always be the best choice. You may find yourself overwhelmed with where to put everything, or you might realize that what you’ve chosen doesn’t really suit the new lifestyle you’ve built for yourself in Nashville.

Instead of rushing to decorate everything, take your time: soak up the laid-back atmosphere of Middle Tennessee, where time moves a bit more slowly and people are much friendlier. You might choose to buy one art piece to commemorate moving in, then build up your decor over time, finding decorations that fit well with the home’s vibe. Similarly, procure only the furniture you need for the first few months, as this will help you assess what you need to be happy.


Moving is such an exciting time, especially if you’re moving to an amazing city like Nashville: you’re beginning a brand new chapter of your life in a wonderfully vibrant town with a rich history. To set yourself up for success, be judicious about your upgrades, think locally, and ensure your home is squeaky clean before you begin moving in. With these considerations, you’ll be out enjoying all that Nashville has to offer before you know it!

We hope you found this blog post on Enjoy Your New Nashville Home Even More With These Prudent Move-In Tips useful. Be sure to check out our post on What to Know About Living In Nashville for more great tips!

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