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Would you love to enjoy the amazing beauty and one-of-a-kind charm that the Pacific Northwest offers? Then, Oregon can be the perfect destination for you! From the stunning coastlines and breathtaking mountains to the lush forests, Oregon offers a unique experience to everyone. In addition to that, the state offers you a vibrant art scene and top-of-the-class state and national parks.

If all that interests you to consider moving to Oregon, have a go through this comprehensive guide. Here, we have tried to cover the most important aspects that you should know before moving into this state. Just spend a bit of time to understand these practical, social, and economic dynamics of the state, and that will be enough to get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in this state. 

Before Moving to Oregon

Factors to Consider Before Moving to Oregon

1. It’s not all Portland!

When talking about Oregon, the first name that comes to most people’s mind is “Portland”. Even though it’s a lucrative place to live in, there are other places in this state that are cheaper and even more enjoyable. 

There are many tiny towns in Portland that offer excellent quality of life. Want to live in a town with great arts and a counter-culture scene? Hawthorne can be an amazing option. Want to live in a friendly community along the banks of a river? Grant Pass real estate is ready to offer you top-of-the-class housing solutions! Just like that, Oregon has endless other options to choose from.

2. A Bike-friendly State

Oregon has an advanced bike infrastructure, which is complemented by its mild weather to make it an excellent bike-friendly place. Especially, the more developed parts of Oregon are often seen as the ultimate nirvana by bike lovers.

3. Endless Opportunities for Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Oregon offers plenty of outdoor activities to its residents. It has the world-class Oregon Theater. Also, it features the infamous Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which presents nearly 800 performances each year with an attendance of around 400,000.

In addition to that, Oregon has top-class state parks and national parks. One of the prettiest places in Oregon is the Crater Lake National Park, and it’s just one of the many parks that you should add to your bucket list. The number of stunning state and national parks keeps nature enthusiasts happy all year long! You can also visit the beautiful Rose Test Garden, and the Japanese and Chinese gardens in this state are also worth a go. 

For the people who love nature, Oregon offers mountains, forests, deserts, and coastlines. You can enjoy skiing, hiking, mountain biking, surfing, and many other activities.

4. Health, Tech, Education, and Nike Reign the Economy

Oregon is known widely for Nike and Intel, but it also has some big employers in education and health services. If you are interested in working for a large corporation, you will get many opportunities here. Would you like to work in a startup instead and take more authority? Good news, Portland is there for you as a startup hub.

5. Housing is a bit Expensive

Housing prices are increasing rapidly in Oregon. Especially, the prices have been skyrocketing in Portland. People are moving to this place in numbers, but the supply has not been able to keep up with the demand increase. Eventually, the price is going up in line with the demand.

6. There’s no state sales tax!

Delightfully, Oregon is among the very few states in the United States with no sales tax. Even though the sales taxes are not that low, it’s always a pleasure when you don’t need to add sales taxes to your purchases.

7. It rains a lot

In Portland as well as all of western Oregon, long and wet winters are no less than a norm. If you plan to move to Portland, then you must be ready for the rainy gray days from the beginning of October through all of May. 

Most of the winters come with one or more snow or ice storms, which shut down the city completely for a number of days. Even though people love to complain about the weather all the time, most of them have actually got used to it. They stay put until the summer comes in July and enjoy themselves inside their own residences in the meantime.

Remember, people would not embrace you with open arms when you’re new to Oregon. It may not be a dream journey to start with. Nevertheless, there are reasons why people move to this state! With excellent job opportunities, great amenities, and endless outdoor activities, Oregon has many attractions for you. If you are brave enough to tolerate the traffic and the clouds, and able to make some budget for the high rents, then good things are waiting for you here in Oregon!

We hope you found this blog post on Essential Factors to Consider Before Moving to Oregon: A Comprehensive Guide useful. Be sure to check out our post on Factors to Consider Before Moving to a New State for more great tips!

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