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From the beginning, we at All Around Moving Services have dedicated ourselves to demonstrating quality moving arrangement services. Whether we’re staffing local movers in New York City, the surrounding areas of Connecticut and New Jersey, all the way south to Miami in Florida, we understand our role in building and sustaining an honest marketplace.

Trust is at the core of every transaction between All Around Moving and the customer in order to deliver quality moving services. Trust does not happen overnight – taking time, patience, dedication, and understanding the needs of the customer. This is why we follow the BBB “Standards of Trust” and apply them to our own values; building and strengthening our company culture that leads to first-time customers and become long-term partners.

Values of All Around Moving Services Trust

Trust Builds The Foundation

More than ever in this marketplace, All Around Moving knows that trust is at an all-time low in every category. Customers are skeptical of bestowing trust in a business. This is why we communicate directly from the beginning, explaining what we do and how we deliver on what we say, step by step.

With All Around Moving, there are no “bells and whistles”, “buy one, get one free (BOGO)”; we are truthful in what we can provide in the effective arrangement of moving your furniture, household goods and belongings safely and securely.

Honest Marketing Leads to Trusting Customers

All Around Moving believes that honesty should permeate through every aspect of our relationship with each climate. No company should mislead customers. We go to great lengths to present information and materials that are truthful and accurate – e.g. logos, images, and testimonials.

Speak The Truth in What is Provided

Building trust takes time, energy, and effort; therefore, why would you want to lie that costs you a customer? We say what we mean, and we mean what we say, as the saying goes. At All Around Moving, our word is our bond. We work hard to hold ourselves to the BBB standard, conveying honestly in every aspect of our work, starting with creating a culture of trust within our company infrastructure.

We teach each of our employees to act with integrity and demonstrate honesty when engaging with both vendors, customers, and professional movers in arranging services.

Transparency is Key

No customer wants to see a brand as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Our organization strives to be transparent at all times. This mindset follows in everything we do, as our customers will notice when we do something right and wrong. Studies have shown that customers will demonstrate brand loyalty if a company show complete transparency.

No surprises mean no unhappy customers. All Around Moving aims to keep each customer in the loop throughout the entire moving process – from the initial consultation to final parcel being unloaded off the truck and brought into the final destination.

  • Deliver on Promise with Action

Our thought process is that you have to deliver on what you promise. If we say we’re going to arrange quality moving services for pick-up and delivery, based on the customer’s needs and requirements, we do so without exception. With moving process demonstrating a transitional phase of life that bring new change and the unexpected, All Around Moving will deliver on what is promised with exceptional performance and care.

  • Respond Promptly and Clearly

All employees at All Around Moving are trained to guarantee all communication with customers are answered promptly, whether it’s by email, social media, email or any other channel. If there are any negative experiences, we perform all efforts to resolve the situations and issues involved. We know the importance of online reviews, and work to respond to problems that could occur during a move contract.

Our processes are automated, which allows us to review responses as they arrive and respond accordingly. Our role is to explain, educate, and ensure all experiences end positively.

  • Privacy is Priority

Any customer is concerned about their personal and private information being stolen, especially with respect to the digital marketplace. Between the Facebook data scandal and the General Data Protection Regulation in effect, All Around Moving understands the critical importance of ensuring the data customers provide through our websites and infrastructure is safe and secured. Our organization takes all measures to continually update our policies with all laws and regulations coming into effect.

  • Demonstrating Integrity

To quote the Better Business Bureau, “Integrity comes through action and is more dependent on what you do…” At All Around Moving, we strive every day to represent integrity in every situation.

  • Following the Formula

We don’t want to simply be a “good” business, we want to be an exemplary business that follows these core principles on a daily basis. As an “A” rated, 10 years accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, we demonstrate our ability to run an honest, quality moving specialist company where our actions demonstrate our promises in arranging door-to-door services.

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All Around Moving’s Work With Us program provides experienced moving consultants with the opportunity to run their own Relocation Consultant business from anywhere in the USA. We provide licensing, dedicated phone lines and email hosting, moving software for lead tracking, invoicing, and complete set up.

We’ll even provide the carriers, or you can use your own. A nominal one-time start up fee gives you initial-customer-leads to get your business up and running.  There are no recurring expenses, except purchasing your own leads. We share profits 50-50 with you from all jobs you book with us. Click here to learn more.

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