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If you’re preparing to move out of or into a new home, house painting is a job that must be completed before anything else. If your home needs a fresh coat of paint, you must decide how you want to make this work. Will you hire a professional to do it for you or will you save some serious money and do it yourself? This is a great question that you must consider. Depending on the scale of your project, you could choose either option. Just make sure that you’re picking the option that makes the most sense for your needs. Here’s a short guide on what you need to know about this put together by All Around Moving Services Company, Inc.

Primary Factors To  Consider

So, do you need help or are you going to do the job by yourself? This is the first question you should ask yourself, and here are the factors you should consider when making this decision.

  • The scale of the project: after figuring out the scale of the project, ask yourself if painting it yourself is doable and realistic. For example, if your house has multiple hallways, stories, etc., would it be easier to just hire someone to do the job for you?
  • What’s the current state of paint in the house? Are the painted surfaces smooth? Can you paint over them easily? Or would you need a whole lot of prep work to be able to paint over the old coat?
  • Interior vs. exterior. Do you need to paint the interior or exterior of the house? If you’re painting the exterior, you’ll have to do much more work. You’ll also have to consider the weather. Take everything into account before making a decision.

If You’re Hiring Help

If you decide that it’d be easier to hire professionals to help you out, then you must consider the following.

  • Get a painting estimate before starting the work. This keeps you safe in case the painting team changes the whole game plan without notifying you and charges you twice as much. You’ll want to avoid that by getting an estimate of the materials, paint, and timeframe of your project before the work starts. Don’t forget to address any other questions that you might have.
  • Confirm the painting team’s credentials. Make sure that they have valid licenses and permits to practice painting. Every state has licensing requirements, so it’s important that you check this out. This protects you in case your house or property gets damaged.
  • Understand what your job is. While it’s great to have someone paint for you, that doesn’t mean that your duties are inexistent. You might have to move furniture around or cover outlets. Whatever it is, just make sure that you are doing everything you must do to make the job easier for your helpers.
  • Estimate your costs. Ensure that you can afford the painting job. If you cannot pay everything at once, consider a payment plan. Discuss it with your team to see what they think. Painters usually request down payments of 20-30% of the total job’s cost. Paying everything at once is not smart either – they could leave before getting the job done. Signing a contract should be one of your must-do’s.

If You’re DIY Painting

If you decided that painting the house yourself would be easier, here’s a basic guide on how to do it. You can find more details in the assignment writing section of any painting website.

  1. Consider what paint to use first. This is the most important step.
  • Latex paint is pretty popular. It provides awesome color retention and is ideal for exterior walls. It could also be used for interior walls in the humid parts of the house such as the bathroom or the laundry room.
  • Oil-based paint is another good choice. You should use this type of paint on surfaces where you want your finish to last longer. Its durability is more than strong.
  1. Consider the cost of buying paint, because this can get expensive. Buying too much paint is unnecessary, while not buying enough is upsetting. Calculate how much paint you need and how much money you’ll spend on it.
  • This article explains how to determine the cost to paint a room.
  1. You also need paint luster for your surfaces, so ensure that you got that covered. Ask a specialist for advice if needed.

This guide is very brief because we don’t know whether you’ll be painting your interior or exterior. For each one of these options, there is another whole set of suggestions that must be applied.


Painting your house by yourself can be super fun to do, especially if you’re excited about it. It can truly relax you! Take into consideration all the factors presented and then enjoy the process. Good luck!

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