Are you looking for a color for your new house? How about going with brown? Many people discard brown because they think it will make the room dark and dull. But that is not true, brown makes the room look beautiful and mesmerizing if a  good color is combined with it.

We have brought 4 colors that go with brown. Just have a look at these combos and select anyone from it and apply in your house to make it look classy and great. Also with Homedesignnow, you can connect for elegant designing ideas and many more combinations presented here.

Brown + White


Ahh, this combination is just superb. Brown + white will make your house just stand out. It is like combining dark chocolate with milk chocolate. Just like Black and white, brown and white pair will make your rooms look elegant. The darkness of the brown color will be balanced by the calmness of the white color. You can go for any dark version of the brown color like chocolate brown or walnut brown.

Going with the brown color for the wall and white color for the furnishings will make your house look mesmerizing. Even if you are decorating a small space, the color combination can really make the room stand out.

Brown + Blue


You might doubt this choice but believe us it looks stunning. Brown can be used for your home’s furniture essentials like sofas, chairs and other materials and blue should be applied to the walls. Blue represents a relaxed and calm space and when it is combined with a warm brown color, it creates a relaxing space to live in.

The tone of blue color should be darker to get the best effect. Navy blue will be the perfect choice for this combo. You can even include white color and it will add a cherry to the cake. There are so many wonderful home decor ideas and colors to really make your home stand out.

Brown + Yellow


Now, if you add yellow to your combo then it will match perfectly as the darkness of the room created by brown will be balanced by the brightness of yellow.

Brown wall color with yellow-colored sofas, lightings and other materials will make the room look glorious. There can be different tones of yellow in the room, golden, light yellow, dark yellow, etc. Yellow will add some wonderful positivity and energy in the environment. The style and color of your living room furniture can give the room the edge you’re looking to achieve.

Light Green + Brown


Nature’s perfect combination; this duo will make your house look beautiful. Light green will take on the walls and brown color will take on the sofas and furniture and the room will look simply great. You must go for a light green color and not the dark green color as it will add too much darkness to your room when combined with brown color.

So, here were the colors that go with brown. Select any pair that you think will suit your house in the best way and just get it painted.

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