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Successfully renovating a rental property implies maintaining a careful balance between the income you get and the costs associated with managing the property. Often, the expenses are limited to paying for daily items that keep your property functional. However, sometimes you might have to invest more in major projects that make the property more attractive to renters. As you already know, the real estate market is highly competitive, and you need to make the home as appealing as possible to get the desired price. But you cannot simply ask for a higher price without renovating the property and providing better living conditions. 

One of the renovation projects that allow you to increase the rental price is a kitchen upgrade. As you might’ve noticed, when someone inspects a property, the first room they check is the kitchen because present kitchens are more than rooms where you prepare and eat meals. Nowadays, people use the kitchen as a space where to spend quality time with their families, entertain visitors, and even work. For these reasons, you need to identify the best ways to improve your kitchen and remain competitive in the market. 

But when you renovate a kitchen, you need to ensure the room design is acceptable and attractive to most renters and stands the test of time. This article explains how to renovate the kitchen to make it appealing to the majority of your prospective tenants. 

Ensure The Overall Kitchen Design Appeals to The Mass

Before you pick a design for the kitchen, remember that it should look nice for the prospective tenants, not you, because you won’t use it. It’s paramount to remove all personal preferences and pick a design that appeals to the average tenant. Two essential considerations in the process are ease of use and durability. Your tenants want elements that withstand mishandling and kitchen surfaces and easy-to-clean utensils. If you want to find more about kitchen trends in rental properties, search online. 

Stay away from complicated designs because they can make the kitchen look cluttered and deter prospective tenants. Also, adding personal touches can make it challenging for someone to visualize themselves living in the space. It would help if you aimed to create a functional space with as few details as possible to encourage the tenants to picture themselves cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen design should work similarly to a blank canvas; the user can create their décor. 

Pick The Right Materials

You want to save as much money as possible when renovating a rental property because your goal is to make an income from it. Therefore, you might be tempted to use cheap materials, and the issue is they devalue the entire property and require replacing sooner. Hence, it’s best to choose reasonably priced materials and surfaces that resist wear and tear and are hard-wearing. If you afford it, pick stone, quartz, or granite for the countertops and laminate for the other surfaces. Melamine is a great material for drawer fronts and doors and plywood for under-sink cabinets. 

You should also avoid plastic hardware as it looks and feels cheap. It’s best to invest in durable door handles and drawer pulls that make a good first impression and tell the prospective tenants that you care for their comfort and wellbeing. Also, investing in quality plumbing fixtures and backsplash is advisable to make the room look high-end and functional. 

Pay Extra Attention to The Cabinets

It’s worth replacing the old cabinets with new functional ones. The specialists from recommend installing tall cabinets that reach the ceiling to maximize the storage space and reduce the amount of space where dust can lay. As stated before, melamine is the ideal material for kitchen drawers and cabinets in a rental property because it is resistant to moisture, stains and heat and feels similar to wood. Tenants also love it because they can easily wash it clean. If you install new cabinets, stick with a classical, atemporal design, and avoid intricate or fancy designs that might deter tenants. Shaker door styles are the tenants’ favorites. 

Install as many drawers as possible because one can never have enough storage. Renters often refuse to renew their leases because they lack the necessary storage.

Creative and artistic design of Wholesale Olivewood items like wooden cutting boards gives a beautiful appearance to the kitchen.

Install Modern and Energy-efficient Appliances

Besides the cabinets, appliances can also make your kitchen stand out and convince tenants to pick your property as their home. It’s recommended to invest widely in modern, high-end appliances. Stick with mid-priced ones because expensive ones might attract renters, but most won’t afford the rent. However, picking cheaper models won’t be wise in the long run because they tend to break down faster and require repair or replacement. 

When purchasing new kitchen appliances, ensure you check their energy efficiency because the tenants always appreciate it when their energy bills are lesser if they pick a property with an energy-efficient kitchen. Built-in appliances are also a better choice than free-standing ones because they’re easier to clean. 

Maximize The Space

We cannot highlight enough how important storage space is in a rental property. People search for rental properties with plenty of kitchen storage. Besides installing tall cabinets, make sure to remove all personal items from the room to allow the tenants to bring their own. If necessary, rent a storage space where to place your belongings for the time you convert your house into a rental.

Install smart storage and extra drawers to offer your renters a wide range of options for storing their things. Install a more expansive counter space to attract tenants with a passion for cooking. To create more space for the counter space, replace the old cooking range and fridge with moderate-sized ones. Also, pick a single bowl sink but ensure it’s deep enough to wash all dishes. 

Let’s wrap it up

Why do you want to renovate your kitchen in the rental property? Consider your reasons before investing money in the project. And keep in mind that whatever your reasons are, you need to create a kitchen that increases the tenant’s retention rate for your rental. 

We hope you found this blog post Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Renovation in a Rental Property useful. Be sure to check out our post Improve Your Kitchen With These Budget-Friendly Tips for more great tips!

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