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Growth in technology is shaping the real estate industry. New and upgraded technology has helped real estate software development companies and real estate agents with buying and selling properties. In the modern world, real estate professionals and home buyers depend on data to make buying decisions, evaluate homes and discover prospective buyers.

Advanced real estate technology has helped home owners and buyers to stay updated. Without any participation by a middle man, the property can be sold and bought online. This is the power of innovation in the digital world.

Below are a few ways in which technology is shaping the real estate industry and how professionals can stay updated with all the latest technology trends.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

As mentioned, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is remaking the real estate business. Artificial intelligence technology is improving the home purchasing and selling experience. Some AI applications can respond to specific inquiries regarding a home, such as whether it has a pool or the size of the lawn. AI also brings organic traffic to view the property and improves the search results as well. It also assists agents with discovering ideal customers and thereby increases the chances of selling a property.

Automating Home Valuation and Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms

Real estate picture recognition technology is helping customers discover their dream homes. The well-known real estate app Zillow utilizes this tech to discover and distinguish pixel designs in a photograph. With this, they can accumulate data on a home, identifying small details like the kind of ledges in a picture. Zillow’s objective is to arrange inside highlights in a home and relate them to home value.

Image recognition techniques are beneficial for both agents and homeowners. This helps the homeowner decide how to upgrade the house before selling it. ML algorithms help homeowners to gather data about the interiors of other local homes along with their prices. These data will help the seller to make informed decisions.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping real estate professionals to work more efficiently than before. IoT has not only helped with selling properties but also in managing work more smartly with less time consumption.

Through IoT, technology pervades even everyday objects such as doors, curtains, lights, locks, etc. Once IoT is set up with the system and sensor, every action of the home seekers can be tracked easily by real estate professionals.

For example, property dealers can gather such data as:

  • Which areas are in high demand for property searches?
  • Which keywords are used to search for properties?
  • When are properties in high demand?

Before IoT technology, the real estate industry was managed through paper files. Now all the paperwork stays in cloud-based IoT technologies. This helps to track data and improves the way realtors manage properties.

CRM Software

Software like Salesforce, Base, PipeDrive, and other CRMs for real estate business help agents to track calls, emails, meetings, and prospects. Real estate professionals can track their progress and manage their businesses accordingly.

CRM Software reminds agents about the upcoming events and keeps records. Once the deal is done, it prepares reports, and these can be used to forecast future revenue.

Mobile Applications

Ordering food? Getting a ride? In fact, today most people do everything on their mobile phones, and they want to view, purchase, and sell properties from the palm of their hand, as well.

For instance, with applications like Magicbricks and 99acres, customers and specialists have a consolidated platform to browse. Additionally, purchase or sell properties, find an agent, and get updates when another posting hits the market.

To conclude, as more and more is being done with mobile phones, it is obvious that people will look for real estate deals on their mobile applications as well.


These emerging technologies have become common many sectors. Meaning, chatbots are one of the reasons why people are getting attracted to online businesses. Then, they help professionals and home buyers to quickly find what they need.

A chatbot is specially designed so that whatever the requirement of the clients may be, it efficiently locates and shows them the properties they are searching for. Then, it makes the customers feel special with an automated follow-up process, as though a real human agent is asking to help the clients.

Technology is Shaping the Real Estate Industry

Emerging technology is pervading every industry, including the real estate industry. Technological advancements have enabled people to work in an easier, better, and more efficient way. In the real estate industry, the process from searching to booking is all available online with just one click.

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