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Do we all need some change in life? But it doesn’t mean we have to go from good to bad. That’s the reason why people, in general, opt for places like Anchorage, a colder side of the world to explore something different. Not just that, they at times make life changing decisions and want to move to another city. At the same time, if it is Anchorage then they should know the basics of the city. Did you know Anchorage is considered the best place for adults? If not, let us tell you why it is so. 

Alaska’s Anchorage is Ranked Top Ten List 

First of all, Anchorage is in the top ten for young adults. That’s the main reason why students after spending a good four to five years in a dorm or condo prefer looking for houses for sale in Anchorage Alaska. They don’t want to go back to their native homes and cities. Not just that, there are several other reasons which make them stay in Anchorage. For example, they are paid far more than other cities, the living cost is affordable, the city is friendly, and the population isn’t much. 

Reason #1: Anchorage is Smaller City

Another reason why Anchorage is called a friendly place is that it is not thickly populated. It is observed that when a city is thickly populated, it has diversified communities. This is not the case in Anchorage. With only 300,000 individuals it offers 30% more cost of living than other cities. Interestingly, the average salary of graduated individuals is $47,600 annually. Whereas the average cost of a rented apartment is $1,269 monthly. 

Reason #2: Entertainment at Anchorage 

Another reason which people choose to live in anchorage despite expenses is entertainment. There are many options to maintain a healthy lifestyle with sports like hiking, fishing, climbing up glaciers, and skiing. When it comes to seeing historical places, we have the Anchorage Museum and downtown’s First Fridays. Outdoor activities are such which doesn’t appeal to any typical 20-year-old though.   

Reason #3: Winter Sports 

Keeping the tourists in mind, this city offers tons of winter sports. Some of them include the “Anchorage Trolley Tour” in which tourists are taken in a trolley for the most exciting ride in the city. Other than that, glacier experiences, wildlife tours, a helicopter ride to see the city, and many of such activities are part of Anchorage. 

Reason #4: Fur Rondy 

As mentioned above, winters are quite a deal in Anchorage. The reason however is attached to the kind of fun activities it offers during this particular season. For example, the first winter of the year is locally known as “Rondy” or “Fur Rondy”. What did locals do at this festival? Well, Rondy started in the year 1936 which makes it quite a historical festival. In the modern era which is now, Rondy goes on for 12 consecutive days. It is the main attraction for locals as well as tourists. To have the same feel as locals, you should wear a fur hat, and vest, and get ready to get all excited for the festive ambiance. Your next question can be, “what are some of the activities that are part of Rondy?” Interestingly, sports at this festival are quite exhilarating. Some of them include “snow sculpting contest”, “Running of Reindeer”, and “cornhole tournament”. 

Reason #5: Nightlife and Food 

Another reason why anchorage makes the friendliest city is the way it serves food and offers wildlife. How can we say that nightlife and food depict friendliness in the nature of residents and local people? For example, any social gathering is the point where you can talk about the nature of people in a city. Likewise, food is where people meet and greet, you get in touch with hoteliers, etc. 

Reason #6: Seafood is the Biggest Hip of Anchorage

When it comes to food, seafood amazes us to the next level. Most likely because of the kind of weather and water bodies the city holds. As mentioned above, fishing is the real deal in Anchorage. You can enjoy the freshest seafood in the world in this place, Anchorage. But if you are not into fishing your meal, don’t worry! Anchorage will not disappoint you because there are several quick fixes in the form of restaurants. Trying out Kincaid Grill’s Alaskan scallops will just leave you all tantalized. Alaskan oysters are also in demand. 

Reason #7: Freshly Brewed Coffee 

Did you know Anchorage has the most coffee shops in the US? If coffee makes your morning and evening, we bet you will love this city. Coffee shops in Anchorage usually offer whatever you like! This is quite a deal-maker attribute for caffeine lovers.  

Last Words: Are Friendly and Warm at Anchorage?

Yes, when it comes to the nature of residents and locals of Anchorage. They come as a surprise because they are the best ones in terms of cool temper, good ethics, and friendly nature. They are easy to mingle with. So yeah, if Anchorage is where you want to be, our two cents would be – go for it to explore a new horizon of friendliness.

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