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A clean environment is like heaven, and it is always welcoming to come to a clean space. Maintaining and keeping your surroundings clean takes a lot of effort as it has its advantages and perks. If you clean regularly and effectively, your house will always look as good as new. Hygienically, it is important to live in a clean environment to avoid contracting diseases and getting sick. Cleaning and organizing should be done as a ritual, as staying in a messy and dirty house exude a sense of chaos and discomfort.

Cleaning is a very challenging task that we all have to do. And it is not only applicable to the home, as it concerns other places necessary to be cleaned. The main motive of getting your space clean and organized is to make it inviting and a peaceful place to stay and relax at the same time.

Employing the service of a cleaning firm does not mean your space is just dirty. However, you’re up against mold, mildew, and algae. With the atmosphere in Metairie, these microscopic organisms incubate more frequently and grow stronger. Not only is this ugly, but if left unattended, it can also affect your paint and siding, causing a much more expensive repair down the road. With the right and professional house/building cleaning services, you’ll save your cleaning hours so you can enjoy doing something else. Forget about the hassle of housework and obtain a better quality of life for both yourself and your family.

While you can pressure wash your house at different times, the best time is to do it at the first sign of organic buildup. Pressure washing projects can take place in almost any weather condition, so it’s a very flexible activity. But if you find yourself with the need to pressure wash your home or office, remember that it is a good idea to outsource the job to professionals instead of trying to do it on your own. This is a swift, efficient and eco-friendly cleaning routine, either for your residential or commercial property. It uses high-pressure water for cleaning.

Home Cleaning: The Interior and Exterior

For many home and building owners in Metairie, washing the exterior isn’t exactly on their cleaning list. The majority focus on cleaning the interior of their house since that’s where they spend most of their time. Unfortunately, this means that the exterior of the house is often neglected. If you’ve ever considered washing your home before, you probably might have given up. Well, it’s quite understandable. Cleaning your interior is quite different from cleaning the exterior, and most people don’t get enough practice to become experts.

Interior cleaning basically covers the inside of the house or building to be cleaned. For instance, the bedrooms require the hard and wood floors to be vacuumed and mopped, rugs and carpets, cabinets & drawers, and recycling is taken out if required. For the kitchen, that is the floors vacuumed and mopped, sink, countertops, microwave, stove top, fridge, dishwasher, cabinets & drawers. And bathrooms, such as the mirror cabinet, reachable shower walls, bathtub/shower, countertops, toilet, and sink, will be cleaned.

The exterior areas of the home or office building require much cleaning as the interior includes the driveway, deck, and fence, roof, gutter, pool deck, amongst others. Attention should also be paid to the exteriors of a building as it creates an attractive look for yourself, visitors, and bypassers.

House Washing

The main reason to hire All Clean Pressure Washing is because of the expertise offered and delivered by the firm. The years of experience give room to know what water pressure, water temperature, and detergents to use, no matter what material your house is made of. It could be Vinyl, Brick/Stone/Concrete, Stucco, Wood, or Aluminium. This factor is put into consideration before an extensive cleaning takes place. For instance, the aluminum material ensures that it is important to wash aluminum at the right angle to avoid water traveling up under the panel overlaps. The correct detergent is also needed to avoid discoloring the aluminum. There are dozens more materials that your house may be made out of. We have the expertise needed to make your choice of space look bright again. If a specialized cleansing solution isn’t used, there’s a high risk of warping and deforming the housing material.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning may sound like a simple project, but there’s actually a lot that goes into it. Instead of you figuring out everything yourself, let professional cleaning experts deal with it. The roof is easily the most important part of the house, but it’s something many take for granted. The roof is what gives us protection from the elements. Between rainfall and snow each year, that’s a lot of moisture that the roof handles.

Do you notice anything unpleasant or some black streaks on your roof? Roof cleaning is the solution. Not only is it an eyesore, but over time, it can damage your shingles and decrease the lifespan of your roof. This black roof stain is caused by cyanobacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. This bacteria is an algae-like plant that feeds on the limestone filler used in nearly all asphalt shingles. Sometimes, lack of sunlight means more moisture, creating the perfect environment for maximum growth. Once this colony of cyanobacteria is established, it creates a petri-dish effect on your roof.

Over time, this can foster other living organisms, such as mold, moss, lichen, & worse, and eventually causes premature aging and rotting of your roof shingles. They can grow on your roof due to the crazy seasonal weather in the U.S.

If not attended to as soon as possible, it can cause permanent damage to the roof and can allow moisture to enter your home. A professional cleaning service checks out important factors such as the water temperature, detergents, equipment, safety, and warranties. If your roof seems to be a different color now than when you first bought your home, chances are that you have some sort of fungus or algae growing on your roof. While it’s never very noticeable at first, over time, the fungus runs rampant.

Pool Deck Cleaning

While cleaning out dirt from the pool, which is the most common, or scrubbing the outside face, you may notice some dark streaks. This is a stain caused by shingle runoff and pollutants. It starts as small grey lines, but if unattended too long, they eventually can destroy the top cover of the deck. This cleaning service is specifically designated to remove these dark streaks/stains from the deck. Normal cleaners, bleach, and even soft-wash detergents have almost no effect on these. Using the wrong cleaner can dull the finish. This area has to be carefully done by experts in the field.

Exterior Home Cleaning 

When it comes to home cleaning, it’s not just the interior that needs your attention; the exterior is equally important. From pressure washing to maintaining your lawn, a well-kept exterior enhances your home’s curb appeal and contributes to its overall hygiene. To ensure a thorough clean, don’t forget to consider the “Where Do Roaches Live” section. Understanding the hiding spots of roaches is essential for preventing infestations and keeping your home clean and pest-free. Roaches often reside in dark, damp, and cluttered areas, so taking proactive measures to eliminate these conditions can significantly contribute to a healthier and cleaner exterior and interior.


With the appropriate pressure washing service, you can expect a wide range of benefits, such as getting enough time to spend, higher energy levels, better cleanliness rendered with expert precision, a polished appearance of your home and building, and fewer germs which equates to healthy living. We understand the importance of not only having a beautiful space but maintaining its safety and integrity, too. That’s why our team of experienced professionals is trained to work with various homes and businesses, to know the best kind of pressure washing technique that will fit the particular needs of your jobs.

We hope you found this blog post on Home Cleaning: Pay Attention to the Exteriors useful. Be sure to check out our post on How To Disinfect Your House And Keep It Clean for more great tips!

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