Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is always an exciting moment. However, you shouldn’t let the excitement get the best of you. Instead, take adequate time to review your new home and ensure it is safe for you and your loved ones.

Ideally, a secure home must have all the necessary safety features, including quality locks, good lighting, and a comprehensive surveillance security system. Here are some safety tips to help you ensure your new house is as safe as possible. 

Install a Home Security System

According to the FBI, a home burglary occurs every 25 seconds in the US. Although no one can entirely prevent burglaries from happening, you can reduce the risk by installing a high-quality home security system. 

Generally, a good security system must contain several components, such as motion detectors, door sensors, and surveillance cameras. These systems will help you detect any suspicious activity around your house on time so that you can take appropriate measures to protect your property.

When shopping for a home security system, you must review its features carefully to ensure that you are getting value for your money. Also, buy your system from a reputable vendor with reliable customer service and technical support.

Change the Locks and Garage Door Openers

Your apartment may be new to you, but previous owners may still have access keys and codes. Therefore, change the locks and gate operators as soon as you move in to prevent unauthorized entry into your apartment.

Preferably, you should choose the best locks and gate operators that fit your budget and needs. These locks should be easy to install and feature a deadbolt with an integrated cylinder guard for maximum protection.

If your new home has an older garage door system, consider replacing it with an automated one. Automated systems, like the durable LiftMaster gate operators, come with various useful features, such as remote-control operation and motion detection sensors to enhance your home’s safety.

Keep Your Home Well-Lit

Many criminals prefer to work in the dark. So, keeping it well-lit at all times can help make your home secure. Lights help deter burglars from targeting your property because they’ll assume that someone is monitoring them.

Ideally, start by installing outdoor lights around the house to illuminate the front yard, backyard, driveway, and perimeter walls. You can leave these lights on at night or install motion sensors to turn them on automatically whenever anyone passes nearby. Moreover, don’t forget the importance of indoor lighting. 

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Introducing yourself to your closest neighbors and socializing with them is always a good idea. Doing this allows you to build a strong community bond and promote a safe environment. 

Good neighbors can update you on suspicious criminal activity in the area. They can also help keep an eye on your property while you’re away.

Secure the Doors and Windows

Thieves and burglars often target doors and windows because they are the most vulnerable entry points in most homes. So, before moving into a new apartment, check the doors and windows for any signs of damage. Consider installing radar sensing technology to detect any unwanted activity around your home.

If there are any loose screws or hinges, replace them immediately. Additionally, keep the windows and doors locked at all times to make it difficult for intruders to break into your home.

Request for a Professional Home Security Assessment

If you are not confident with your own safety inspection skills, consider seeking advice from a professional security company. A trained professional will visit your home to evaluate your security systems and identify potential weak spots.

They will help you examine everything, from locks and doors to surveillance equipment and alarm systems. Then, based on their findings, they can provide you with recommendations for enhancing your home security system.

We hope you found this blog post on Home Safety Tips When Moving Into a New Home  useful. Be sure to check out our post on Home Security Tips for Renters for more great tips!

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