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Using a 3D virtual tour can save you time, money, and help you find the right moving company for you.

If you are thinking of moving soon, perhaps you should consider doing a 3D virtual tour of your home. Not only will it help you sell your house faster (if that’s your goal), but you can also use a 3D virtual tour for your moving process.

3D Tours Before Moving

3D Tours enable a visitor to look in the most immersive and realistic way at your property, allowing the person viewing you to see every angle of your home. 3D virtual tours have helped the real estate industry tremendously.

Virtual tours give a good idea of ​​the floor plan and flow of the house. Potential buyers are 60% more likely to send emails and 95% more likely to call an agent who provides a 3D tour. This is something to consider with your real estate agent.

On the other hand, 3D tours are not only beneficial for the sale of the house, but they can be very useful for your moving process.

If you don’t have a 3D tour of your home before you move, do it, for 3 reasons: to save time, save money, and for security.

You probably need to compare quotes from moving companies. A 3D tour will save you time and is a much less invasive experience than in-person estimates.

If you think about it, you will have to schedule the mover’s estimator to come to your home. This takes time out of their schedule, and they would need to go into every room and open all of the cabinets and closets and wow! This sounds like a disaster, right? On top of that, you’ll probably want to get at least three different quotes too!

Why go through that headache?

With a 3D virtual tour, all you have to do is text a link and you’re done. The company that will quote you will have access to your place in the most realistic way so that you do not have to be absent from work. Your moving company will appreciate it. This will allow them to see the amount of furniture you have and inventory of your belongings.

Since most 3D tours have measurement tools, this will allow your carriers to familiarize themselves with your home space. A 3D tour gives moving companies a better picture of exactly what they need to accomplish.

Sharing your journey with the moving company can pay off. When your moving company has access to your place, it will help them to see your inventory better and to quote it more accurately there.

Avoid last minute surprises and extra costs. It’s a great way to keep track of your inventory. Traditionally, inventories were done on paper and, especially, a large move would have several pages of all your belongings. You should read and sign each page before the truck leaves and then keep track of those documents until the move is complete.

Keep Track of Your Documents

With a 3D tour, you keep track of your things without having to keep track of a stack of papers on the way to your new home.

Customers have reported a sense of security knowing they have their things virtually documented. This 3D tour is also very valuable for insurance purposes. It’s a great way to keep documentation if something breaks in the process.

Adding a virtual tour is the best way to document all your personal belongings, assets and valuables for your insurance.

3D virtual tours not only capture an entire space in much less time than traditional documentation techniques. They also avoid the need for repeat trips back to the site. In addition, they can help adjusters assess damages on a more robust and comprehensive level.

This exact plan may not apply to every move. You may prefer to get a quote for an in-person visit, rather than offering a virtual tour. Or maybe you have specific questions and prefer to speak with a representative about scheduling different aspects of your move. You don’t have to be tech savvy though; this is for anyone just wanting to save some time. There are plenty of ways that technology can make your move easier.

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