AR and VR technology use in real estate

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are enhancing business in many industries. Perhaps the industry that has benefitted most from these technologies is real estate. AR/VR technology will completely change the way the real estate industry works. This post gives some applications of AR/VR in real estate.

It is reported approximately 1.4 million real estate agencies are using AR/VR technologies for showcasing their properties. It is also estimated that by 2025 AR/VR technology in real estate will reach $2.6 billion.

Many real estate agencies have already started implementing AR/VR  technology.  Are you interested to know more about how AR/VR technology is changing real estate? Keep reading!

5 Ways AR/VR Technology is Transforming Real Estate

Property Showcase with Virtual Reality

We all know that it is a tedious task to go to different places to see properties. It consumes a lot of time and money, especially when there is a need to travel long distances.

But with the help of Virtual Reality, these issues don’t arise. With VR technologies, you can easily have a look at the property from anywhere and anytime. You can view a few properties with the help of VR and can select some of them to visit in person. Buyers are getting more comfortable with this option as they can save money and time for visiting a property.

This full view is achieved by placing cameras in various parts of the property and shooting at multiple angles. Buyers can easily set virtual guides to see how it works.

AR Based Real Estate

Augmented Reality is an amazing tool that enables customers to get detailed information about the real estate they are looking for. Buyers can learn about the properties even before connecting to any real estate agencies.

For instance, uses an Android app that enables buyers to get essential information about a property just by pointing their smartphone at the property. Buyers will get a 3D view of the whole property by using this technology.

Buyers can even visualize a whole building on empty land with the help of the Augmented Reality tool.

Interior Designing With AR/VR

With the help of AR/VR technology, buyers can visualize the interior of an unfurnished property. This saves the cost of property staging (interiors of a property) by real estate agencies.

When a buyer can visualize the property interior, they can get a better idea of what the interior will look like. This can help in closing the deal sooner than the traditional process. The buyers can build an emotional connection with the property when examining it with these technologies. They will get an exact idea of how their home will look after furnishing.

For example, RoOomy is an amazing platform which lets the user virtually furnish their home using Virtual Reality.

AR/VR Commerce

AR/VR has taken technology to a whole new level. In the above discussion, we saw the property staging, architectural representation, and much more. But what if you could buy those interiors which you saw on your virtual tour?

Yes, that’s now possible with the help of AR/VR. When you are between a virtual tour and you see some interesting interiors, you can easily buy them by visiting the online store.

Another best thing about AR/VR commerce is you can even go to an online store, choose your interiors and add them to your virtual tours. This way you can style the property per your preference.

AR/VR in Creating Floors and Taking Dimensions

Up to now, we have seen that AVR technologies come with powerful features for showcasing or arranging the interior of the properties. We even see that you can visualize the whole building on an empty land with these technologies.

What if you can even build a floor and take accurate measurements of the building?

Yes, you can do it with the help of AR/VR technologies. You can get the estimation of almost everything that you require in real estate and construction. Just point your smartphone towards a wall to capture the dimensions. Similarly, you can even virtually build floors with these technologies.

AR/VR Apps in Real Estate

These days, it is quite easy to build a real estate VR/AR app with the help of the real estate mobile app development company. Here are few such real estate apps built using these technologies.


This is a mobile application which is designed for iOS users. With the help of this app, you can build a presentation in AR format for real estate. Three-dimensional models built with an ARHouse are fully controlled. The best part of the app is there is no need for any tools to build it, just an app is enough. Because of the enormous capability of the app, many real estate agencies, construction companies, and others are using ARHouse. has an app that uses AR/VR technology to showcase the properties. The app is available for Android as well as iOS users. Just point a smartphone toward a property and you will see every detail of that property. This is possible with the help of the Realtor database.  The information which you will get with this app includes a home address, price, square feet, number of rooms, and the real estate contacts.

notional real estate properties with prices and addresses

Parting Thoughts

Using AR/VR technology for real estate is a great idea. You can even call it a one-time investment with innumerable benefits. This can really help you to provide an enhanced experience to your buyers and close the deal in a shorter time. You just need to build an app and the rest will be taken care of by the app.

With just a single real estate app, you can earn more compared to the traditional real estate business.

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