Architecture Affects The Value Of a House

Although many aspects influence your house’s value, the architecture is among the main ones. There are several architectural designs in the real estate market and it can be tricky to track how well each style sells. As a seller, it is essential to know how architecture influences the value of properties in the market to avoid delays in selling over things that could be adjusted.

Research reveals that modern architectural design increases houses’ value by up to 10 percent. The design seems to be a significant differentiator for today’s home buyers. To bring out the impact of the architecture on your home’s value, let’s explore different styles and how they behave in the market.

Craftsman Design

This style is common and you might have come across it. It can be defined as a 2-story house with varying roof shapes, an embedded garage and a porch. A lot of homes fall in this category and they are often disguised as other designs. However, they are not high in demand as they are exactly what many modern buyers are running away from. It is a large home design that turns small families away; demographics influence how houses are selling.


A split-level design is an old-style that may turn away buyers looking for a new design. Modern families are not excited about the cookie-cutter design. Besides, they are extremely difficult to renovate, adding to the difficulty of making them attractive in the modern market. Since most of these house designs have a staircase just inside the front door, the extra steps may result in accessibility issues. This is problematic for buyers with limited mobility.


This can be said to be a modern design with numerous flat roofs, straight lines, and large windows, among other features. While the style is stunning and appears sleek, giving a luxurious impression, it isn’t practical. Therefore, buyers who are still old-fashioned tend to turn away from these houses. On the other hand, buyers who are not so into modern aesthetics but prefer a traditional house design will be interested in such designs.

Ranch Houses

These houses are affordable, especially to those operating under a tight budget. Ranch houses are considered affordable to many. As a result, homebuyers tend to go for them; thus, they are quite in demand.


Bungalows have an average demand. However, their location is an important factor. Those in suitable locations attract many buyers, thus affecting the selling price.

Architects’ Advice on How to Increase The Value Of Your House

While upgrading the architecture of your house can increase its value, this is definitely not the only way. The ability of a home to cater to your needs, provide a sanctuary, nurture your well-being and that of your family, and enable modern living from a morning workout session to an evening dinner party contributes to the house’s greatest value while you own it.

The Quality of Your Space

After setting your budget and start your search for a house, you now want to focus on the space. With space, most of us think of quantity, but the quality is also a key factor. Look for both the amount and the quality of the space to avoid the extra cost of adding new space. For example, a kitchen with a large floor plan is nice, but a kitchen with enough drawers and cabinets for storage is perfect.

The Amount of Space

The size of the house equates to its monetary value. A house with sufficient space to accommodate all the needs will definitely outdo its competitors in the market. However, the space should not be too large, especially since many modern people tend to prefer a small family. Therefore, those building houses to sell in the future should consider this, so their houses won’t take ages to sell.

Modern Features and Finishes

Traditional houses are now overtaken by modern houses in the market. To add to the modernity, go for modern features like shower cubicles in showers. Furthermore, modern finishes give a luxurious look to the house, therefore attracting buyers and increasing the house’s value.

Home sellers can always value their houses depending on the market conditions and the type of house, among other features. If you have difficulties valuing your house, you can look for agencies that deal with the valuation of houses to help you. Choose those offering a free house valuation to avoid the extra cost.

We hope you found this blog post How Architecture Affects the Value of your House useful. Be sure to check out our post How Good Design Increases the Value of Your New Home for more great tips!


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