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A home that does not possess good design features is always going to be a hard sell. This means that the value of the property is not as high as it should be. There are many examples of poor design that can have an adverse effect on the value of a home.

For example, a property that does not include energy-efficient features is not attractive to buyers because the energy costs of living in the property are likely to be high. That will reduce the value of the property. For this reason, it’s important to understand which design features should be included in a home.

Design features that people want in a new home

There are many features that people look for in a home. Some of these depend on individual preferences. There are design features that are currently highly prized throughout the housing market. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.

Streamlined and uncluttered design

The millennial generation has a preference for homes that have a free-flowing and open design. Open plan living is still hugely popular. Review 3 Ways to Tell it’s Time to redecorate Your Home to get up to speed.

Flexible living space 

Homes now have many different uses, in addition to simply being somewhere to live. For example, many people choose to convert a room into a home office. For this reason, homes need to be designed to make the conversion of space easy, thereby allowing flexibility.

Access to natural light 

Natural light helps to improve the mood of people living in a property. It also reduces the need for costly electric lighting. There are several ways in which a home can be designed to let in more natural light. For instance, skylights can be included in the design. Window treatments can be created using light colors and materials.

Dedicated pantry space


There is a growing demand for dedicated pantry space in homes. This helps to create more space in the kitchen, for meal preparation, dining, and other family activities.

Water-saving features 

Water preservation is part of today’s improved environmental awareness levels. Homeowners like to have water-saving features in places such as water-efficient showerheads and spray or sensor taps.

Sufficient electrical outlets 

We live in an age where technology is an everyday part of life. Most homes now have several electrical items in them, such as PCs, gaming consoles, and TVs. Meaning, any property should include numerous electrical sockets which are positioned effectively.

Energy efficiency features 

Energy efficiency is something that no builder or homeowner should ignore. Not only is it vital in protecting the environment, but it also helps to reduce energy costs. There are many energy solutions included in the design of a new home. These include energy-efficient bulbs and energy star-rated appliances.

Steps to create a well-designed home

Taking into account the design features that should be included in a home in order to improve its value, there are several steps that should be taken when designing a property.

  • Understand the project brief. For instance, how does the design of the home need to fit in the local environment?
  • Carefully plan the shape and layout of the home to create a free-flowing and flexible space.
  • Pay attention to the positioning of windows and skylights in order to optimize the use of natural light.
  • Plan to use energy-efficient features and appliances.
  • Determine the layout and use of each room so that electrical sockets are positioned in the most practical place.

Pay attention to each step. This will help ensure that your property is well-designed. So, in case you’re looking to sell your house, this helps to increase the value of the property.

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