the carriersCommunication is significant if you wish to maintain an effective carrier-shipper relationship. This is especially true in today’s competitive environment. With new developments in the trucking management software, the shippers today are bridging the gap between the carrier and the shipper through a more unified platform.

This creates a Win-Win situation for both the parties involved.

There are some critical areas where the TMS systems have the ability to cater immediate value to the shipper-carrier relationship.

How Can shippers utilize TMS data for collaborating with the carriers:

Making data-driven decisions.

The TMS can be understood as more of a transactional system. Trucking management software is an intelligent business and analytics tool that boats rich data.

The shippers and the carriers are going to connect through the unified platform. They will be able to share the data for driving the conversations, sharing the data, and setting realistic expectations.

Well, the ability to make great decisions and have discussions are based on a single source of data that will keep everyone on the ground and there is no room for hiding the information.

Improvement in the procurement process.

The data generated by the TMS has proved itself very useful in many areas of the supply chain. Well, this initiates with the procurement process.

In the present environment of operations, the shipper can no longer just set an approach and then forget about it. They must be able to collaborate with the carriers for starting mutually beneficial partnerships.

When you are working in a highly fluctuating rate environment, then there is always a need to go back to the data. You need to check the data for the historical rates and the previous data practices that used to be in the scenario.

The choice of competition.

 The capacity shortage is what is continuously affecting the transportation industry. The shippers who set themselves apart from the competition minimize the dwell time and further improve communications.

One of the top most concerns is the dwell time among the trucking companies as it can lead to unsatisfied drivers and missed deliveries.

The carriers are going to use the unified platform with the shippers for identifying the capacity the shippers are receiving.

Ideal schedules.

The unified TMS platform enables the carriers and the shippers to analyze the data a step further and then look at the fact of why the dwelling time is occurring.

For example, if a consignee is going to take six hours to unload the truck if the driver arrives at 8 AM. If the driver arrives later in the day like 12 PM or 1 PM, then the dwell time is going to see a significant drop of 1-2 hours.

procurement process

Better communication.

What the last couple of years have shown is that there is a critical need for collaboration between the shippers and the carriers. Earlier, the mentality was a competitive one such as us vs them.

The shippers were looking for the best discounts and the carriers were looking for the top dollar. Both sides understand the need for working together and creating a scenario of win-win. You can do this by utilizing a unified TMS platform.

Staff and hardware needs.

The solutions of the TMS were among the first applications that moved to the cloud. The TMS is a software-as-a-service solution that is continuously adding new ways for users to save money and time.

The traditional solutions need significant costs for data redundancy, staff to maintain the system, disaster relief planning,  and hardware investments. The SaaS solutions are allowing the users to avoid these costs.

The SaaS solution is very accessible and portable and it will expand the visibility and connectivity.

TMS is a scalable solution.

With the help of a SaaS such as TMS, trucking companies can scale their business to any amount. The cloud-based TMS makes investments in the software for making it stronger, faster, and scalable for customer needs.

The shipper can easily take advantage of the cloud-based TMS platform that is going to keep them connected to a like-minded performance-oriented carrier to maintain the best service and cost levels.

Collaboration is very important as there are supply chain disruptions, driver and capacity shortages, and uncertainty in the present market.

In conclusion

Embracing the TMS for real-time data tracking will make it very easy to maintain your collaboration with the carriers. There are many trucking management software solutions there that will help you make improvements in your work and maintain good relations.

We hope you found this blog post on How Can shippers Utilize TMS data for collaborating with the carriers? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Four Benefits of Using Online Shipping Platforms for more great tips!

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