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When you notice pungent smells from the carpets in your home, you must understand there are many sources of carpet odors. Be it the dogs which hop around on it all day long, or children who apply wear and tear all day, carpets easily accumulate dust and dirt which could readily create foul odors. Here are some ways to remove odors from carpets.

Despite daily carpet cleaning regimens we follow, the foul odors can persist and hence additional cleaning steps are required to deodorize the carpet efficiently. The deodorization service of Carpet Cleaning is an extensive approach to provide a refreshing aroma to the carpets. A professional carpet cleaning service can thoroughly clean your carpets and relieve all of your carpet odor problems.

A foul smell from the carpets can ruin the entire ambiance of the room. Accumulated water and moisture on the surface of the carpets can create unflattering smell issues.

When faced with a carpet odor problem, you must identify the cause of the odor and then choose a method to address it.

Reasons For Bad Smelling Carpets

  • Uncleaned surfaces of the carpet
  • Spills not cleaned effectively
  • Pet urine
  • The odor from dirty shoes or feet also remains on carpets
  • Moisture on the carpet

DIY Methods For Carpet Odor Removal

cleaning carpet with spray bottle and cloth

If you are looking for some quick-fix approaches to deodorizing your carpets, here are some helpful tips:

  • Do not let any accidental spills stay on your carpet for a long time
  • Use baking soda and water dissolved together. These two when sprayed on the carpets creates absorbing action which is quite useful in odor removal
  • Vinegar and water can also be used in the ratio of 5:1, which absorbs excess moisture from the surface of the carpets and eliminates the associated smell
  • Mint, rosemary, lemongrass or jasmine petals can also be added into a spray solution, which provides a refreshing aroma to the entire premises.
  • Protecting your carpets is one of the easiest things to do to make the carpet odor-free. Once a week, you can spread your carpets outdoors in the sun. You can also beat the carpets lightly with a stick to shed away the accumulated dirt and dust particles from the carpets.

 Professional Odor Removal Process

Keeping your carpet clean helps extend the life of the carpet and address any issues including odors. Professional carpet cleaners use specialized equipment to clean the surface of the carpets thoroughly.

Professional carpet cleaning services tailor their processes to the specific carpet. Many also take into consideration the best organic and natural ways to deodorize the carpets.

Vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning are the two common processes used to resolve many carpet problems, especially carpet odors. The steam cleaning of the carpets applies a deep cleaning action to the carpet which revives the threads of the entire carpet. Other methods which could be used include hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning and many more.

Specialized and customized carpet odor removal services are also available. So you have the advantage of choosing the best and the most suitable cleaning option for your carpets.

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