Although it is an exciting event in one’s life, moving has some stress. Among the most essential points to consider are: when the move will take place, how well do you stay in touch with the company of your choice, and are there any flexible hours? Making your reservation for movers in plenty of time ensures you get the date and time you need for a smooth, low-stress move. How early is early enough? Here’s what you need to know:

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Book Local Movers 2-4 Weeks in Advance

For local, intracity, or metropolitan moves, you should try, if at all possible, to give the movers at least 3 to 4 weeks of notice before your ideal moving day. That way, you have enough time to browse the right moving companies, get moving quotes, and make a reservation with the right mover on time for your desired moving day.

At least two weeks ahead also gives time to see if there is still room in a moving company’s schedule.

The most popular times, like weekends and the beginning or end of the month, tend to fill up quickly. So booking early is especially important if you have limited flexibility in your schedule.

Book Even Earlier in Peak Season

You may consider, as part of your summer-moving season, between May and September any peak season. Two months are always the perfect one. If it is a summer-moving season, 4-8 weeks are okay. College towns have another peak time and get more demand at the onset and at the end of the semesters, wherein students must move in and out.

Book as far in advance as possible, especially in the peak season, so you get the day you want and avoid competing with the rush. Peak moving seasons are limited availability times.

Off-Season Moves Require Less Notice

If you can be flexible and move in the off-season, from October through March, you should be able to book with less notice. Booking 2 to 4 weeks before the slow months is often adequate for most local moves.

But then again, planning is always the best. Booking early grants you more time to be the judge when choosing the ideal moving company in terms of price and services rendered. Another advantage is getting priority on choosing move dates.

Last-minute moves are possible yet risky

While a 2-4 weeks notice would be pretty reasonable, when you are pushed it can be possible to book with movers on a much shorter lead time. Considering such a short local move, you will likely pay a very high rate, but it is doable all the same. You may also find that you are looking at slim pickings regarding moving dates if the mover is fully booked.

Whenever you learn when you’ll move, contact a moving company. This can easily be modified afterward. At the very least, you will be on the schedule.

Get Quotations / Check Availability

After you book your move, start collecting quotes from good, local, reputable movers. It would be best to have two or three target dates, if possible, in mind and check the mover’s availability for them. Then, be extremely careful comparing itemized estimates with a couple of movers in price and service.

We advocate a great deal of upfront research regarding reviews, licensing, insurance, and experience. Indeed, it is worthwhile investing the time one needs to get that kind of a mover. And once you are sure you have a winner, book your favorite date and lock in that signed contract.

The Bottom Line

If you are having a simple, headache-free local move, try to get the movers lined up a month in advance, if not sooner. At this time, there will be enough time to ensure that you will receive the professional help you need for your needs.

Of course, life isn’t always perfect, and if you find you need to undertake a last-minute move, touch base with the local movers to see how they might squeeze you into their schedule. You would be surprised at how much time flexibilityᅳand, yes, being willing to pay just a little more than what you’re being quotedᅳcan find you the help you need in a pinch.

And remember, don’t wait. As soon as you think you’ll be moving, get planning and get your act together, such as booking your movers and finding reliable cleaners like Sparkly Maid Austin for your new place. The sooner you book, the better the chances you’ll get a day that fits your calendar at a competitive rate. Just avoid procrastination—get that move on your calendar and begin prepping for a new chapter filled with excitement.

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