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If you are planning a move to Miami, for example, it can be stressful and daunting but attempting to make that move during peak moving season (AKA summer) can elevate those feelings. Don’t fret, we have all the tips you need to consider when planning your move in the peak moving season to make everything go seamless and get you into a new spot in no time.

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Why is summer peak season?

Before we dive into our tips for planning your move during peak season, you may be questioning why summer is considered a “peak” moving season. There are many factors that add to the chaos of moving during summer:

  • Families with children often like to move before the next school year begins
  • Moving during winter adds extra challenges due to poor weather conditions
  • Spring and summer are when the real estate markets fire up offering more inventory to those looking to move

1) Plan ahead

Our first (and arguably most important) tip to planning your move in peak moving season is to plan ahead and make a timeline. Moving involves numerous aspects that all require planning if you want the process to go smoothly. 

Think about organizing, decluttering, notifying relevant parties about the move, hiring moving companies and more. Starting early allows you to tackle these tasks gradually, rather than feeling overwhelmed and rushed. Our best tip is to give yourself time and take each moving task bit by bit.

Remember to create a timeline with hard dates you must complete specific tasks. This will keep you on track to help ensure you don’t have a crazy last-minute rush on moving day.

2) Research & quotes

The next important step to moving during peak season is to research reputable moving companies in your area and get multiple quotes. Peak season may mean you pay a premium price, but remember, cheapest isn’t always best. You get what you pay for when it comes to moving companies. Our top tips include:

  • Read reviews online before contacting the company
  • Ask for referrals from friends and family (a personal experience is worth more than any online review!)
  • Verify the company is licensed and insured
  • Request detailed quotes from each company you’re considering 
  • Compare costs and services offered before making your decision

3) Get organized

One way to make your move easier (during peak season or otherwise) is to ensure you are organized. You don’t want to be scrambling to the last minute as you pack up your entire life. Moving presents an excellent opportunity to declutter and get rid of unwanted or not needed items. Before packing, decluttering will make the entire process smoother, and allow you to have a fresh start in your new home. Check out these tips for getting organized:

  • Take it slow by going room-by-room (or even closet-by-closet)
  • Create keep, donate, sell, and trash piles as you sort
  • If you have a sentimental item that you no longer need, take a photo and donate it
  • Once you deem and item as trash or donation, follow through by heading to the dump or the donation center right away

4) Save money where you can

Although moving during peak season certainly will cost you more in moving fees and truck rentals, there are some ways you can save some money. We don’t recommend going with the cheapest moving company you can find, but you can be smart in other ways to save some money. 

Aiming for a midweek or mid-month move can often come with a lower price tag. Also, avoid moving over a holiday week such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day. Moving during those weeks will surely cost you a premium due to less movers being available to work.

5) Prepare childcare

Although this one doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s worth mentioning because it’s something that often will be overlooked when planning a move. If you have children, planning for some childcare help the week of your move will aid in alleviating some of that extra stress. Along this same vein, organize pet care if that’s applicable to you and your family.

6) Beat the heat

Our final tip for moving during peak moving season is to consider the heat of summer. Depending on how far you are moving, it might be nice to pack a cooler for your travels with cold water and perishables. Another good idea is to have some damp washcloths in your cooler to help cool off when you’re making that big move. Other tips to beat the heat include:

  • Be sure the air conditioning in the new home is turned on before you arrive either electronically with a smart thermostat app or physically going to turn it on (we recommend doing this the night before your move if possible)
  • Consider keeping certain items climate controlled during the move (computers, candles, sensitive furnishings)

We hope you found this blog post on Planning Your Move in the Peak Moving Season useful. Be sure to check out our post on Plan a Move the Right Way: The Basics Explained for more great tips!

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