Shop Front Refurbishment

Are you planning to buy a glass shop front or thinking about replacing a shop front? If yes, then you must be worried about budgeting and wondering how much a shop front cost? When it comes to understanding the exact cost for the shop front door, many shop owners get lost in the bombardment of estimates and quotes. Below is the guide designed to help you understand the cost of the shop front and variables that have a considerable impact on the price. Read on to understand how to find the best possible option for your shop.

  • The Frame

The frame is the most important component. It is as important as the overall structure and appearance of the shop front. It is generally made up of timber, aluminum and UPVC. Different materials have different properties like UPVC is considered strong and resilient to cold weather whereas aluminum is considered lightweight but have high maintenance and hence their cost differs according to that.

  • Glass Type

This is one of the most important variables in your glass shopfront because it not only impacts how much you ultimately spend, but how customers perceive your shop.  The glass with additional safety features makes it less likely to break has become standard for many shops for its great lifespan and is less of a threat when broken.

  • Additional Materials

Apart from the main components, there are other things as well that come into play and must also be considered. While the cost for these isn’t as substantial as the main materials such as glass and frame components.

  • Labor Cost

Buying glass, frame and other material requires cost for putting it all together. The labor cost largely depends upon how large the job is. Professionals are well versed in construction, carpentry and engineering and undoubtedly do a marvelous job in installing your glass shop front or in shop front refurbishment.

The labor is required and cannot be skipped because one mistake or small negligence can lead to a big loss in terms of reputation and money.

Above is the comprehensive list of every expense that could be required while installing or refurbishing a shop front. There can be little difference as per your requirement but the cost generally remain the same if no extra work needs to be done.  It is best to consult a professional when you are planning to refurbish or install new shop front as they will help you understand the best possible way to go about installation, as well as the best places to source materials. This will save you money, time and energy.

However, using cheaper glass shop does not necessarily have better quality and life. There are some necessary factors and upgrades required such as tinting that could increase the life span and impact the interiors of the store and storefront.

We hope you found this blog post on How Much Does a Shop Front Cost? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Different Types of Blinds for Windows for more great tips!


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