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Saving energy is an utmost need for many people. And there are a lot of ways to save energy. In this post we discuss the use of Energy Efficient Windows in homes and workplaces and how they create a thermal envelope around the home and office. As the world today is moving toward energy conservation, we must know about Energy Efficient Windows, how they work, and their benefits.

There are different types of energy-efficient windows based on the brand, frame, and energy-saving features they offer. The primary function of Energy Efficient Windows (Energy Saving Windows) is to keep heat from escaping in winter and keep heat out in summer. In this way, they act as an insulator for the home or office and thereby minimize energy usage. They save energy and increase the level of comfort.

How Does an Energy Efficient Window Create a Thermal Envelope?

Windows that save energy help to create a thermal protective cover around your space. Here are the elements of Energy Efficient Windows that help in saving energy.

First, you should know that every window is rated in its overall energy performance. The two primary ratings are the U factor and solar heat gain coefficient factor that measure how well a window keeps heat inside your home. The lower the U factor, the more the window resists heat loss. If you live in a cold climate, you are going to want a small U factor. The solar heat gain coefficient indicates how the window keeps the heat out. The lower the coefficient, the less heat a window lets in from outside. In warm climates, a lower rating means you will be keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Glass Coating

In Energy Efficient Windows, low E glass is used so that it can block the sun’s rays. This type of glass helps keep the heat inside the house when it is cold outside and vice versa. It has other glazing options that include reflective coatings, tints, and gas fills. This enables it to save the cost of keeping the house heated and cooled.

Spacer Systems

Energy Efficient Windows make use of a polymer foam structure in place of wood or metal. Polymer material keeps the home thermally efficient and free from condensation. It reduces the U value of the window. Experts say that the lower the U value, the higher the window efficiency.

Technology Used

In previous times, wood was used as the ideal window material, but today things have changed. The modern world believes in efficiency, along with attractive looks. In modern design, windows are comprised of multiple glass panes and filled with gas. Multiple paned windows have the power to block UV rays.

As you know, UV rays are quite harmful to our health, so these window panels keep your houses cozy and comfortable all year. They also prevent fading of fabric, floors, and other areas of your home.

How Much Do Energy Efficient Windows Cost?

Energy Efficient Windows may shock you with their high initial price, but this is a one-time investment that provides savings later. The average cost is around $350 to $750. The cost is calculated considering factors like quality, framing, material, and installation charges.

Difference Between Low and High-Efficiency Windows

In the Sunshine State of Florida, a home that has an old aluminum frame window and a clear glass window is not very energy efficient. Clear glass will let in infrared rays which heat the inside of the house. In a greenhouse the glass walls let heat through, and the same thing happens with a clear glass window in this house. When the house becomes hot, it takes more electricity for air conditioning. Installing an Energy Efficient Window significantly reduces the heat coming in. The aluminum frame also lets in heat. Aluminum is a most conductive metal. Heat enters the house when this frame gets hot from the sun. Many homes have an overhang to try to shade some of the sunlight, which is an effective strategy. In summer the Sun is higher in the sky, and we will get more shading. The orientation of the house – north, south, east, or west – also makes a difference.

How to Find Energy Efficient Windows

New, energy efficient windows have an energy star label, much like you might find on appliances in the home. You can look for this label when searching for energy efficient windows. Installing energy-efficient windows is suitable for every home and can reduce the energy bill. You can call professional vinyl windows, wood windows, clad windows, and custom window replacement contractors in the United States. They can guarantee the quality of their work, and they stand behind all of their products and services.

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