Moving Cost In 2023

Finding a new home is a task that most adults face in their lifetime. The need to move to a new house is influenced by socioeconomic factors and the stage someone is in life. The moving distance can be local or across states and countries. Furthermore, moving is a cumbersome and costly process.

The cost of moving has generally gone up due to the spike in global inflation. According to a report by Statista, the inflation rate will hit a high of 7.4% by the end of 2022. The report also predicted a drop in 2023. The average moving cost in the US for a short distance below 100 miles is US$ 1,468 and ranges between $2,200-$5,700 for long distances across states.

Despite the inflation rate and cost of moving, there are ways to minimize expenses while relocating to a new residence. The following tips will aid in making the best moving choices when bringing down costs and lightening the load.

     1. Choose a mover

Consulting friends and family is an excellent way to find a good mover. They can give insight into the services a local mover offers. Numerous movers provide various services, such as packaging and unpackaging. The fee for these services could be included in the moving expenses or charged separately, depending on the company.

Several movers’ companies automatically provide liability insurance per unit weight of your items. However, paying extra for insurance when transporting breakable or valuable items is advisable. You can also hire additional movers when transporting heavy, valuable items.

     2. Consider the destination

The distance dramatically influences the cost of moving. Some local moving companies offer a flat fee for short distances. Once you cross the 100-mile mark, the charges are increased per mile, as well as the rate of fuel consumption.

An easy way to determine moving costs is by visiting local mover websites to check out their moving deals and services. These deals are posted frequently and vary depending on the location of the move. Therefore, taking advantage of offers is in your best interest while moving in 2023.

However, if at all possible, it’s still best to choose a much closer destination to ensure less costs.

     3. Analyze the labor needed

The contents of your household will determine how many movers are needed. Each mover charges an hourly rate between US$25 and $50. A small family will require a 1-bedroom apartment, and two movers, while a larger home will need as high as five movers.

While movers can, doubtless, help with the packing, moving, and unpacking of heavy and large items, you can cut down on costs by attending to the smaller items yourself or even getting family and friends to help out.

     4. Study the truck options

Moving companies offer a variety of truck options. The contents of your household will determine the number and size of trucks needed for the move. Small trucks are ideal because they consume less fuel, minimizing moving costs. A one-bedroom apartment, for example, will require a 12-foot moving truck.

     5. Check for storage facilities

It’s recommended to hire a moving company with storage facilities. An emergency may delay your move date yet your lease agreement in your current residence may have already expired. Moving companies with storage facilities can keep your household items safe for a fee until you can finally haul them into your new home.

     6. Conduct house inventory

Conduct an inventory of the items in your household. You’ll be surprised how much clutter and old items, such as furniture and electronics, are in your possession. Having a garage sale or creating an online page to sell off old items will help declutter your house. The sale significantly brings down the moving cost and lightens the load.

     7. Calculate the moving budget

After understanding the moving costs and conducting a household inventory, you can create a budget. Moving into a fully furnished home is cheaper as most of your belongings will be in boxes. Ideally, moving items from a fully furnished 1-bedroom apartment within your local area can cost between $200 and $500, while a 5-bedroom apartment will cost as much as $1,500.

Purchasing moving boxes should be part of the budget. The boxes can vary in size and require adequate labelling for easy unpacking. The average cost of boxes is $1.02 for a small box and $2.03 for a large box. You can always pay movers to assist in the packaging process to minimize the workload or do it yourself to minimize expenses. Just pack wisely, labelling each box appropriately and systematically packing first the items you won’t immediately need upon arriving at your new house.

     8. Consider moving dates

The peak moving period for most people is during the holiday season; therefore, summer experiences the highest number of movers in the US. About 70% of all moves occurred between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As a result, it’s cheaper to move during off-peak seasons, such as winter or fall.

     9. Assess building accessibility

The accessibility options in your current dwelling and the house you’re moving into determine the cost of moving. It’s usually advisable to pick a new home with a good entrance and stair or elevator space. A dwelling on higher floors in an apartment with constrained stair space or no elevator access can prompt a higher charging fee from the movers of your choice as it will be more difficult to move heavy and large items.

     10. Pack strategically

Bulky items occupy more space in the movers’ trucks, leading to higher expenses. Compact packing prevents you from having bulky items. Clothes can be rolled, folded, and compressed to occupy less suitcase space. Packing breakable items, such as glasses, with clothes, helps prevent breakage while ensuring compact packing.


Moving can be a pain. The choice of date and movers’ company can impact your moving experience positively or negatively. Planning by exploring the cost estimates and setting an adequate budget will turn moving into a new home a joyous occasion and one with as minimal expenses as possible.

We hope you found this blog post on How Much Does Moving Cost In 2023? How To Minimize Your Moving Expenses useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Much Does It Cost to Move on Average? for more great tips!

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