2 Men And a Moving Truck Cos

Wondering how much does two men and a moving truck cost?

The cost for two men and a moving truck for local moves is estimated at: 300$ and up. Additionally, the cost for three men and a moving truck is estimated at: 450$ and up. As always, this includes mileage and gas, moving pads, and furniture disassembly and reassembly.

Likewise, the charge for a consolidated long distance move for two men and a moving truck is estimated at: 900$ and up. Additionally, we provide exclusive trucks depending on your needs. 

Moving Costs

Moving costs may vary for two men and a moving truck or three. Therefore, please contact a representative today to provide you a proper estimate on your customized move.

All Around Moving offers on-line moving quotes and moving onsite estimates for home, apartment, or office moves. In fact, for better pricing, we recommend an onsite moving estimate. In other words, a physical survey of the personal belongings or office furniture will be ideal if you can find a reliable moving company near me. It is free of charge.

Check below additional factors that affect your moving expenses:

Additional Costs of Moving Explained 

  1. Distance covered/Travel fees: How much it costs to transport all of your belongings from one home to another will depend on the mileage covered by the truck. Similarly, If you decide to rent a van and move by yourself, you’ll need to consider this as well as they rental will also charge you based on your total mileage.
  2. Packing and Wrapping: If you’re hiring someone to assist you with packing, wrapping and relocating heavy furniture, make sure you factor this expense in as they will most likely charge by the hour. Estimate how much your moving supplies such as, boxes or tape,  will cost if you’re doing everything yourself.
  3. Relocation Services might include:  disassemble and/or reassemble of residential or commercial furniture, accommodating your belongings in storage units if necessary, and insurance coverage to protect your personal possessions when moving to a new home.

Price Per Moving Truck NYC

NYC is a huge city with a lot of people and a lot of traffic. If you’re moving to NYC, you’re going to need a moving truck. But how much does it cost to rent a moving truck in NYC? The answer depends on a few factors, including the size of the truck, the time of year, and the demand for trucks in NYC.

In general, the price per moving truck in NYC is around $100 per day for a small truck, $200 per day for a medium-sized truck, and $300 per day for a large truck. However, prices can vary considerably depending on the time of year and the demand for trucks in NYC. So if you’re looking to save money on your move, it’s important to do your research and book your truck in advance.

Are you are interested in a customized move quote? If so, you can provide us with an itemized inventory list of the furniture that is to be moved.

Contact us at 646-723-4084 to speak to our representative. Proudly, All Around Moving is an “A” rated member of the Better Business Bureau. Similarly, we are a member of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. With this in mind, please complete the estimate form.

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