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How long will it take to become successful in a real estate career, and how can I do best in my first year of work? These are questions that often torment beginners in this occupation.

All this will depend not only on luck but also on your diligence. But where should you start if you don’t have a concrete understanding of the road to success? Below are tips to help you become successful in the real estate industry.

Top 5 Tips for Your First Year in Real Estate

The first year in this area can be exhausting and challenging. But do not despair, since things are often difficult in the beginning. According to statistics, on average, US real estate agents have eight years of experience.

But are there any tips to help you get ahead in your first year? The following advice will point you in the right direction to become successful in your first year in real estate.

Find a Mentor

Both beginners and experienced professionals always need to improve. This is especially true for those who are just starting their career. Does your organization provide training or courses? If not, then maybe you have a role model among your colleagues to teach you more about property directories.

Try talking to such a person for advice. Who knows, maybe this successful realtor wants to take on a protege. If this option is not possible, then start observing and analyzing what actions of this person bring success.

It will also be useful to communicate with other agents, attend industry events, and be active in the real estate market community. Read industry blogs and free training materials. Such information is never superfluous and will not cost you a dime, but it can bring real benefits to your career. Consider taking courses at an online real estate school as it is also a great way to improve your qualifications.

Redefine Your Niche

Most newbies do not immediately focus on a niche; that is, they do not define their target clients since they believe that this way is open to only experienced agents. Most likely, however, you have already thought about which clients are most comfortable for you to work with in your real estate career. The global lockdown is having a great effect in this area, so you should not delay choosing a particular niche you’d like to become proficient in.

Perhaps you enjoy working with students or young families? Become an expert in this area and provide such clients with the best experience. You will be surprised, but these types of clients will become your regular customers or at least your promoters over time.

Possibly the niche you originally went for does not bring you the desired income. Try to find new ways of reaching out to prospective customers. For example, hit up the same target audience on the Internet. Next, we will explain this point in more detail.

Rediscover Your Career Field

Most likely, you’ve noticed the changes in the real estate market caused by the global pandemic, even if you have been in this field for only a few months. This means that it’s time to take a fresh look at this industry. Taking the post-pandemic reality with its global crisis, and sagging clients’ solvency, and find the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the new patterns of your customers’ behavior?
  • How have customer preferences changed with the environment?
  • How has the pandemic affected your customers’ purchasing power?

All of these answers should be your starting point for a new look at your real estate career plan. But one thing has remained unchanged – people still need to have a roof over their heads and expert help when buying housing. They still want to find homes that will fully meet their needs in all respects.

The more you know about market trends, fair market value, and your customers’ changing expectations, the better your chances of satisfying them. Being informed is key to success during COVID-19, regardless of the industry. This rule is more important in fields like real estate, where the transactions involve significant investments.

Engage in Online Promotion

Don’t wait for local customers to find you. You need to take the first step. For instance, 73% of agents use Facebook for work purposes. Create a social profile and come up with a stunning real estate website where you describe your services and offer potential customers good deals. However, keep in mind that you need to invest a lot of effort on content writing for your site, where you will share your expertise, promote your services, and get ranked by search engines at the same time.

One of the most effective ways to rank your site is building backlinks. Reviews are important, so for search engines, third-party site mentions are valuable. For example, one of the reputable real estate blogs may place a link to your site. As you can imagine, this will give a qualified traffic increase, plus a better position in local search results.

Invest in Additional Skills Development

In addition to career development and online promotion, do not forget that you are working with people. Knowledge of psychology and persuasion techniques are exactly what you need for success in a real estate career. You don’t have to get a psychology degree, but knowing the basics is simply vital.

You can look for useful information on YouTube or TED Talks. Read specialized literature or find free psychology courses at Coursera. Knowledge of psychology will help you deal with rejection, improve your communication skills, and persuade prospective clients.

Concluding Words

The tips above are quite simple and obvious at first glance. However, speaking is always easier than doing. But there is no time to wait under the current conditions – you have to take action right now. You now have some actionable tips to succeed in your real estate career, so do not put off implementing them!

We hope you found this blog post How To Be Successful As a Realtor: First Year Tips useful. Be sure to check out our post Top 10 Books for Real Estate Agents for more great tips!


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