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Not sure where to start or how to pursue a career as a real estate agent? Anyone at any stage in their career as a realtor requires constant education. Books are good tools for this. Here you will discover the real estate books that are considered a must for anyone who wants to be a top real estate agent.

10 Must-Read Books for Real Estate Agents

Beginners and professionals alike need to be constantly learning, and real estate agents are no exception. In the modern reality, it is impossible to work all your life using the same methods, so it is vital to be able to find new techniques and tips to stay afloat.

Here is a recent example. The pandemic affected the real estate industry worldwide, however, houses were sold faster compared to the same period of the previous year, according to research. Real estate agents started using 3D showcasing and augmented reality technologies to sell properties in the conditions of social distancing.

The changing conditions prove the necessity to stay up to date and leverage your professional skills as a real estate agent. Get started by exploring the books below. They are suitable for both beginners and those who have many years of experience in real estate.

1. Jia Jiang: Rejection Proof

All realtors have to deal with rejection, and this can affect everyone in different ways. Some will shrug it off and plow ahead, and some will feel frustrated for a long time. To be in the first category, you can follow the tips from this book. You will avoid both rejections and the fear of getting them, which is one of the key success factors for any real estate agent.

2. Dirk Zeller: Your First Year in Real Estate

 “When we were working on creating content to promote real estate services, our team studied this book from A to Z. Undoubtedly, we can say that this is the top real estate book. ”- said the CEO of Online Writers Rating, which provides custom writing reviews.

This author creates must-have real estate books for every realtor. They provide a plan that you can immediately begin to implement. Here you will get a good knowledge base and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Of course, putting this information in action can bring you solid results.

3. Larry Kendall: Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results

Marketing plays a key role in the estate business, and this book is about database marketing. The book is written by a leader in this area and provides practical guidance on how to learn to sell, as the ability to sell is key in this industry. All advice revolves around how to work with the database and start succeeding in real estate.

4. Alex Banayan: The Third Door

The actionable insights from this book will help you to think differently and focus not on the result, but on your way to it. It is especially relevant for young agents who, early in their careers, must compete against those with many years of experience in sales. The book also teaches you to praise yourself so that you can start to succeed.

5. Carol Dweck: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

This is one of the real estate books that are suitable for both newbies and those who are real estate industry experts. You will discover fixed attitudes and growth attitudes. You will learn that talent and intelligence are not always the keys to success. This is a real guide for those who want to reboot their minds, get rid of self-limiting thoughts, and be free of fears.

6. Angela Duckworth: Grit

This book cannot be excluded from the list of must-have resources for everyone who works in real estate. The information will help you restart your thinking and develop persistence. It is perseverance that defines the boundaries of how successful you will be in your career. The book will teach you to continue forward and work when others stop or leave the game.

7. Jim Jaeckels: The Real Estate Agent Redefined

This book is not a set of theoretical rules. Here is some practical material that will show you how to plan your job responsibilities and set goals. The information will help you learn how to manage your daily tasks and get everything done, without getting emotional burnout but instead becoming one of the best agents in the field.

8. Jeb Blount: Fanatical Prospecting

This is a good book that will reveal the secrets of sales that will help you to look at your accomplishments with a clear mind. The book talks about the significance of intelligence in relation to sales. The book contains tips, secrets, and techniques that will allow you to earn much more. The author has tested his innovative strategy, so he does not doubt that everyone can be successful.

9. Seth Godin: Purple Cow, Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Not all people know how to distinguish themselves from the general crowd and how to reveal their uniqueness. This is a real mistake in any business, and the material on these pages will teach you how to do this. You can learn how to stand out from the competition and make your uniqueness the reason for choosing you as a specialist.

10. Ryan Holiday: Ego Is the Enemy

The real estate industry is fierce and competitive. This is one of the reasons why the belief that you are the number one can be the most ardent enemy of your career. The race to collect the highest number of transactions will sooner or later have a negative effect on quality. The author will teach you how not to become selfish, ignore the competition, and constantly perform as if you are just at the start of your career. Then you can really beat the competition and become number one.


So now you have a complete list of the best real estate books that you as a real estate agent should definitely read. These books are a good starting point for aspiring agents and those who feel like they’ve lost their passion. Don’t stop at one book! Read them all to create your unique formula for success!

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