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The growing need for tiles is catching everyone’s attention. All things reflected, including the easy maintenance, a broad range of choice, a variety of designs, make it only reasonable to get tiles for your floor. Here is How to Choose the Right Tile for Your House Floor.

But, choosing to buy tiles for your home is only the first step that will be followed by many other methods and steps that separating and choosing the right tiles for you requires. 

Choosing the Right Tiles

There are countless magazines, articles, write-ups on varying types of tiles. They mostly seem to ignore the fact that no one type of tiles will best suit every customer or everyone. This is a great way to renovate your home and give it a change.

A big benefit, and of the utmost importance to me, is the fact that you can decide to customize your tiles according to your own liking. It suggests that you can have complete power over the flooring of your house.

That’s why I have developed, for you, the most imperative factors that you must consider to choose the right tiles for you. 

Tile Material

Tiles can appear in various materials: glass, ceramic, stones, etc. All of these materials have different preservation needs and features. It’s necessary to determine the material which you can maintain and goes with your style of choice.

Style of Choice

You need to have a vision, and without it, you will end up with something you probably won’t like when you are done. Just like you are reading this article to outline how to buy tiles, you have to design how you want your house to look, at least a draft of it.

Honeycomb marble tile, for example, is such a great option, if you are not looking to invest too much time thinking. As such, you can directly choose from popular styles. 

Color Palette

To get this perfect, you have to reconsider how you would like your home or room to feel like. Colors and its variants show vibrant emotion, without us consciously noticing it. It can have a lasting influence on our feelings, moods, and much more. 

Color can help you endorse other furniture and the color or paint of your room. You must reflect on the color palette you will be going for according to the furniture in the room and the atmosphere you are trying to set.

Durability of Tile

The stability, persistence, and durability of a tile depend on its brand, material, and funds. While you must pack everything within your budget, it’s also essential to determine for how long you would like your tiles to stay.

Water Resistance

The bathroom, kitchen, and hallways need some level of water resistance. For example, textured tiles can hold out water more than other tiles. 

Grout Color

People usually ignore the importance of the color of grout. Often, people try to hide the grout by combining it with the color of the tiles. You can also choose to not hide it and totally open it by selecting a divergent grout color. 

You could choose a grout color for your bathroom that would combine well with the tiles, and for the kitchen, you could select a more contrasting color, for example. Although textured tiles are hard to clean, with wider grout, the preservation can be made easier.

Size of the Room

More than you know, a lot of things can depend on the size of your room because if you have a smaller room, you can easily choose tiles that can make your room look spacious.

Chemical Resistance

As we are talking about floor tiles, it’s crucial to note that disasters, accidents, and setbacks will be more likely than you would like to admit. For example, you might spill something in the kitchen or even in your bedroom. 

These kinds of possibilities are higher when you have children in your house. So, it’s essential to check whether your tiles will be able to resist the various chemicals that could spill and destroy your flooring. 

Sunlight in the Room

Some tiles can indeed reflect the sunlight and affect the overall look of your room or other spaces in the house. 

So, you need to determine how much natural light gets into the room. For example, if your room is exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of the day, you should think about getting tiles that won’t reflect the sunlight. At the very least, select tiles that are less reflective.


It’s straightforward to talk about the color palette, style, durability, etc. But, it’s hard to choose exactly the right balance of everything within limited funding. Remember to keep your budget in mind when you are planning on buying those gorgeous tiles. 

Fire Resistance

It’s always safer to be prepared for the worst-case situation. I’m one of those people, and if you are too, you should most definitely check whether your tiles can resist fire or not.


One of the most important determinants to consider when buying or choosing tiles is how much maintenance must go behind it. How much time you need to spend on preservation will highly depend on the choice of style, grout, and material.

For example, it’s hard to keep up textured tiles as dust and dirt can quickly get stuck. Cleaning these kinds of tiles does require special maintenance.

Slip Resistance

Finally, “will the tile be slippery when it is wet?” is one of the most common questions I get when people are trying to decide on their flooring. You will not want your tiles to be slippery in wet conditions, at least for particular rooms. 

So, make sure, at least for those rooms, you get tiles that are resistant to slipping or are less slippery.

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