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Why is it necessary to spend time choosing your house number? You’ve heard it before: you just get one chance to make a good first impression. When it comes to your house, the first experience starts even before you open the door.

Your chance to show off your attention to detail and set the perfect mood is with a clean floor mat and a tasteful house number. However, keep in mind that the house number must be legible and quick to read as well. You don’t want the mail carrier, or worse, emergency responders to miss it, do you?

Here’s how to select a house number that’s both practical and appealing.

What Should the Color of the House Number Be?

You should select house numbers and letters in a color that provides a light and dark contrast to their background in order for them to stick out and be quickly spotted from the street.

If your house has a certain accent color (for example, a bright yellow fence), you may want to keep it intact and use it for your house number as well.

If your door or house has a busy texture, such as red brick walls, a backplate with your house number might be preferable.

How Do I Choose a House Number That Goes With My Decor?

Are you attempting to achieve a certain mood or draw influence from a certain design style? Here are some suggestions for making sure your house number matches your vision:

  • Choose metal colors as individual numbers or as a plaque for a minimalist and industrial look.
  • Rustic: go for soft pastel colors and a painted theme for a handcrafted look, or white numbers on a black natural slate plaque.
  • Take the style of French signage, with white numbers on a dark blue plaque, and apply it to a country cottage.
  • Art-deco: To create a 1920s-30s retro feel, use warm-toned metal on a dark door.

What Font Should You Use for Your House Numbers?

While certain ornate house numbers and letters may look lovely when seen from a distance, their fancy fonts may make them difficult to read from the street.

A sans serif font, such as Arial or Helvetica, is the best bet, since it lacks the thin decorative lines at the end of each stroke.

What Size House Numbers Should You Use?

The best size for house numbers and letters is 4 inches in height as a general rule. However, it is also dependent on how far your door is from the road:

  • 3 inches will suffice if it’s right next to it;
  • Look for 6 inches or higher if it’s 130-160 feet away;
  • if it’s over 300 feet away, it should be at least 10 inches long.

If your house is very far from the street, you may want to consider adding the house number to your front gate as well.

Also pick the right kerning, which is the distance between letters and numbers, to improve visibility: the numbers might be the right height, but if they’re placed too close together, they’ll be difficult to see.

What Material Is Best for House Numbers?

When choosing a material for your house number and address, the most important thing is its durability, particularly if your home is exposed to rain or other harsh weather conditions.

  • stainless steel or chrome for a minimalist look;
  • slate for a cozy, classic feel;
  • acrylic plaques for new homes;
  • brass for an art-deco revival;
  • and terracotta for European or Mediterranean vibes.

Quick tips

Are you afraid you’ve missed something? Let’s review the main points!

  • Choosing a house number may be a deliberate décor choice, but don’t forget it also has to be readable.
  • Choose a color that contrasts well with the light and shadows of your door or wall.
  • To improve contrast, use a sans serif font.
  • The numbers should be at least 4 inches wide, but keep in mind how far your door is from the driveway.
  • Pick a long-lasting, weather-resistant material.

We hope you found this blog post How to Choose Your House Number useful. Be sure to check out our post How to Boost your House Exterior Looks and Increase its Value for more great tips!


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