Open Floor Plan

Whether you’re into minimalist or maximalist interior décor, there is no denying the impact open floor plans have on contemporary society. It gives the room a very comfortable outlook and permits easy access to the different parts of the house.

An open floor plan can be good and conducive but is not devoid of creative dilemmas. The use of this plan has made it a herculean task to create a distinctive style for the different areas around your home. This is where style and range come in place, as you are expected to seamlessly combine and place area rugs in a manner that will not spoil the aesthetics of your house.

On that note, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of how to effectively combine and place area rugs in an open floor plan. Read along…

Place Area Rugs

Be Daring With Color Choices

If you want your interior décor to stand out, then you have to be daring with your color choices. Instead of going for boring monochrome area rugs, you can opt instead for the villa rug collection, which has different color combinations that complement each other. 

You also have to watch out for the color of your furniture and curtains when choosing area rugs, as the wrong choices can affect the outlook of your house. (Hint: Lighter-tone furniture goes better with a darker-tone area rug). 

Use Complementary Color Tones

One way you can avoid area rug combinations looking too busy or out of place is to go for complementary color tones. For example, the combination of black and silver or cream and brown area rugs promotes homogeneity and distinction. They both distinguish the different parts they are used without coming off as a décor misnomer. 

The real reason you shouldn’t consider using just one monochrome color for the entire area is that it makes the sections of the open floor plan appear repetitive and less appealing. As such, going for complementary color tones helps to balance that out. 

Strike The Right Texture Balance

There is more to an area rug than the color. You also have to consider the feel and how aesthetically pleasing it is to the eyes. While combining and placing area rugs in an open floor plan, you should be careful not to put two contrasting textures side by side as it may give a poor outlook. 

A frieze textured rug should be placed at the doors, while you can opt for the retro rugs to be placed at the center of the living room to maintain a spark.  

Infuse The Vintage Vibe

This depends on the style you want for the open floor area. To display your high aesthetic style in interior décor, you have to show a perfect synergy between contemporary trends and a retro vibe. What better way to do this than infusing the detailing of vintage rugs in choice places around the house? Because nothing beats the good old days. If detailed to perfection, you will achieve the ideal balance between trends being achieved and also shows your regard for the old trends.  

Moreover, cowhide rugs, for example, can be an excellent addition to any vintage interior design. They can enhance your space’s overall appearance and feel by providing a unique and natural texture that complements the vintage theme. You can visit this page for real cowhide rugs and realise how thanks to their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and colours, they boost the look of your vintage interior.

Make Use Of Consistent Patterns

The combination of different rugs with conflicting patterns is not a very good idea. Nobody wants to live in a conflicting place, so you have to make the right choices from your décor options. Go through the catalog of area rugs, and bear in mind that you have to take the color and design of your wall, the furniture, and the curtains into consideration when selecting the perfect pattern blend for the house. This is not discouraging you from choosing more than one pattern, but you have to ensure that the combination is in perfect sync to give you the style you desire. 

Be Creative

While combining and placing area rugs, you must test your creative ability. You can introduce extra home accessories that will blend perfectly with the rug options to enhance its beauty. An example of that is the use of hides to complement the area rugs, making the set-up more appealing to the eyes. 

You can place the hides close to the wall areas and then use any area rug combination of your choice as the centerpiece of attraction. Always apply caution while selecting the hides as it can make or mar the aesthetics of the area. 

Start Sprucing Your Open Floor Plans

That’s it, guys. Having to organize an open floor plan can be a tough deal. Many make the mistake of using different varieties of area rugs to fit into the space. First, you have to ascertain what it is you want, then look out for two to three rug combinations that will suit that purpose. But remember, design is subjective, so always go for what pleases you. Good luck!

We hope you found this blog post on How To Combine And Place Area Rugs In An Open Floor Plan useful. Be sure to check out our post on 6 Creative Home Renovating Ideas for more great tips!

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