Living room remodeling ideas

The living room plays a crucial role in the house. It is one of the most important areas of a household, and also one of the most used. This is where we entertain guests and also huddle as a family. Thus, it’s no question why potential buyers always look at the living room design when they tour the house. 

When planning to sell a house, take a closer look at your living room. A nice, clean and beautiful living room can easily increase your home’s market value. Though remodeling may be more costly than simple renovations, it will all be worth it if you want to highlight your living room design to potential homebuyers.

Break Down Walls

Currently, the trend in modern contemporary living rooms is a large area. Expect buyers to look at the space allotted for the living room. An open space creates an illusion of a wider area. So, if there are wall partitions in your living room, it is best to take them down. 

If you have a small living room, consider expanding it by using the adjacent room if you can. There’s no harm done in sacrificing one room to increase the size of the living room. Just make sure that the wall you are about to tear down is not load-bearing. Otherwise, you risk a floor or roof to cave in on your living room area.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

Window and door upgrades are often underrated. However, these simple upgrades can increase the value of your property a lot. Having a good source of natural light is a big factor in a living room space. After all, natural light makes everything brighter and airy. Thus, keeping the area calm and comfortable. The best way to welcome natural light in your abode is, of course, through windows. Old windows are not only unpleasant to look at, but they may also hamper the amount of light that comes in during the day. Do not be afraid to cash out some bucks in upgrading your windows since you can recover all the cost (and more) once you sell the house.

Living rooms are most often located near the entryway too. That said, you have to consider your front door design. The front door adds a sense of warmth and cool to your living room, as well as your curb appeal. Refurbishing your front door with a new paint or doorknob is a good place to start. However, if you have more money to spare, you can always opt to get a new door with a modern and elegant flair to it. Again, do not be afraid of the cost. A door replacement is actually one of the cheapest ways to increase the value of your house when doing a living room remodeling project.

Improve Your Color Scheme

Colors greatly affect a buyer’s final decision of whether to buy a house or not. Some colors are well-accepted in the market, whereas some can downplay your house’s value. It is important that you know which colors to choose and look out for. Newly-built houses and condos nowadays tend to stay within neutral hues of white, beige and grey. These colors allow the buyers to freely visualize concepts that they have in mind since it won’t contradict anything. Furthermore, neutral colors are also more elegant than bolder ones. When you paint a small room with a lighter or pastel shade, it can create an illusion of a bigger space that can greatly increase your home’s value.

Aside from the actual color, you also need to consider the paint type to use. Various sheens and finishes affect the final look of the hues you choose. It also determines whether the walls are easy to clean or not. It is best to consult an expert before deciding on the paint type to apply.

Create More Space

When moving to a new place, most people look for a bigger area. If your living room area is small and you cannot expand it by tearing down walls, you can still create more space by “faking” it. Of course, you cannot fake the actual square area of the living room, but you can do some tricks to create an illusion.

A lot of natural light coming from a big window is one of the tricks. However, you can maximize the effect of natural light by putting a mirror opposite a window. The light will bounce off the mirror, which increases the amount of light within the room. This will help create a brighter space even if the sky is a bit gloomy.

Also, consider rearranging or changing your furniture. Some furniture makes your living room feel a little bit cluttered and claustrophobic. Shelves, for example, are best if they are mounted as high as possible. High shelves pull the eyes upward instead of keeping them on the ground. This will not give the guests time to check out the limited floor space you may have.

Light the Spot

As I said earlier, lighting plays an important role in the living room. Aside from natural light, you need to add a lighting fixture inside the room as well. Make sure that the lighting fixtures are strategically placed in your living room. Lights create the ambiance, and should be one of the major concerns when upgrading the living room look.

Make sure that all areas of the living room are well-lighted. Though a statement central light fixture is a good choice, you might consider spreading lights all over the living room. Do not leave corners and nooks unlighted.


Remodeling the living room is a major job. But if done properly, you are guaranteed to reap off the rewards of your effort. These living room projects will ensure increased value of your home for resale. Even if you do not want to sell the house just yet, these upgrades will benefit you and your family. You can welcome guests more comfortably and take pride in the new improvements of your abode.

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