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Dallas has become an immensely popular area for young professionals, families and retirees with its mild climate, low taxes and healthy and prosperous economy. With a high standard of living the city has and a vast number of real estate options, the opportunities for all sorts of careers and
lifestyles are immense. But this is only scratching the surface as to why one should consider moving to Dallas, TX.

Gorgeous Weather

Whether you’re looking to move your business or residence, Dallas will have you hooked with the comfortable weather the area has for most of the year with mild temperatures and minimal rainfall. Despite the hot summers it’s known for, Dallas has a climate conducive for biking, hiking, and all sorts of athletic sports as well as fun festivals.

Commuting is Easy

A great aspect of moving to Dallas that you should consider is how easy it is to get around. Major highways such as the North Dallas Tollway and Highway 75 bisect north and south, while I-35 splits into two separate freeways when it enters the Metroplex to accommodate both Dallas (I-35E) and Fort Worth (I-35W) commuters with the I-635 looping around the northern quadrant of Dallas.

If you don’t want to travel by car the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) operates a sophisticated system of train, bus, trolley and light rail for Dallas and the Metroplex area. Then there’s the Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport that is large enough to surpass Manhattan in land mass, and will easily handle all of your local, regional, national, and international travel by flight,
especially if you’re considering a move to the area.

Stable Home Pricing

Unlike many parts of the country following the housing market collapse in 2008, homes pricing in Dallas has continued to stay the course. Most homes in one of the many suburbs in the Dallas area run anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 on average with the medium sales price on a single-family home remaining around the $135,000 range – the second lowest in the 20 largest US metro areas ($176,900 is the National Average). And if you’re looking to rent, the further you are from the downtown area, the more economical the rent is.

Global Economic Powerhouse

With a cost of living that’s 8.1% lower than the National Average, Dallas is an incredibly attractive area to young professionals and families that want to build their careers and develop new and existing business. It certainly doesn’t hurt the opportunities existing in Texas, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth area, when there is no personal or corporate income tax for the state let alone any local or state that is collected for Dallas residents. Due in part to the many relationships through Foreign Trade Zones and how the city impacts the global
economy, Dallas is ranked an Alpha- status city, surpassing Houston to the south that has Beta+ status. The city is home to a multitude of corporate headquarters such as 7-Eleven, Gamestop, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Chili’s, Dave & Buster’s, Frito-Lay, and Rolex, creating ample opportunity for employment. And, most importantly, industry is the bloodline of Dallas with its status as a major hub for commerce, computers, energy, manufacturers, and medical research.

Costs of entertainment and food are also run at the same levels as overall cost of living, which allows for people to enjoy themselves to the fullest. There are many grocery store options such as Whole Foods and Central Market. And don’t forget, Dallas has the largest farmers’ market in the United States where millions go every year, every day to see the latest produce and other select delicacies and goods farmers and other vendors offer.

Therefore, the Metroplex thrives in a global economic wonderland that’s competitive and rich, and full of freedom to enjoy your life outside of your career. When you consider the low taxes and cost of living, the plethora of different corporate headquarters along with reasonable housing costs, one
should seriously consider a move to the Dallas area.

An A&E Extravaganza

In Dallas, there’s a massive urban arts distract – in fact, it’s the largest in the country! If you should choose to move to Dallas, there is a vast array of amazing museums and performing arts centers to enjoy exhibits and shows such as Booker T. Washington for the Performing and Visual Arts, Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Winspear Opera House and One Arts Plaza.

Then there’s Deep Ellum, well known for having more nightclubs and bars than any other district in  Dallas. It was also known in the 20s as a jazz and blues music haven like Ledbetter and Bessie Smith. Dallas is a large, eclectic mix of culture and art at every corner.

Culinary Smorgasborg

In Dallas, whatever you’re looking to sink your teeth into can be yours. The city’s culinary scene is so massive and broad in its styles and types that it surpasses New York City in restaurants per capita, and the cuisine is diverse in its international flavor. Whatever you could possibly want is yours for the taking. Do you want to dine on French cuisine, visit Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Japanese, seafood, Italian, Dallas has plenty of restaurants offering those styles. And given that Texas is considered by many, including its statesmen and stateswomen, as the true mecca for authentic barbecue, Dallas will keep you busy with its scores of fantastic eateries like the famed Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse to dine on ribs, brisket and sausage that will make you say, “Mmmm Mmm!”

Dallas is FRIENDLY!

Once you arrive in Dallas in visit you will be entranced by the barrage of “Howdy”, “Sir” and “Ma’am” that you won’t know what to make of it at first, but you will find it too difficult to resist the charm and hospitality. Texans are truly a friendly bunch of people who love starting conversation and making everyone feel like a friend. It gives Dallas, for all its global status, a down-home vibe that will be the icing on the cake on deciding to move to the Metroplex.

Dallas, TX is a city you should consider a move if you’re looking for great economic opportunities, affordable housing, fun activities and events, lots of good eats, and plenty of people to say hello to. Let All Around Moving help you schedule your move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area today. It will
be worth your while.