How to Get a Moving Quote

Moving between two homes can be an incredibly stressful and challenging adventure. Relocating is a unique experience that requires a lot of backbreaking work and careful planning as well. Once you decide you need to move, so many questions start to arise! When will I move? How will I move? Should I hire professionals? Where can I find a good moving company? How much money will I need?

It’s easy to feel anxious and overpowered, but that’s why we are here to help you. The list of questions is endless, especially if you’re relocating for the first time. Moving can take a toll on anyone, even on the best planners. Additional pair of hands or professional help is always welcomed, no matter how big or small your move is.

First things first! Let’s start from the very beginning! You are probably wondering how to relocate and from where to start? Well, read on to learn more! 

Find a reliable and trustworthy moving company

It all starts with finding a professional moving company with years of experience. It’s extremely important to do your research well before booking your moving experts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam moving companies out there, ready to get you and take your money away. 

So, how to know if a moving company is certified and properly licensed? This is one of the most critical questions for anyone looking to relocate. Knowing that your valuable belongings are in the safe and professional hands of experienced experts is essential. And how can you know that? The answer is easy! Just check if a moving company you are planning to hire has:

  • U.S. DOT number
  • MC number
  • Insurance and policy cover

MC and USDOT numbers are, arguably, the best way to see if a moving company is correctly certified. Both of those numbers need to be fully active and operative. It’s also important to check the authority of the USDOT number. Last but not least, it can be a good idea to read the moving reviews and check out BBB or Yelp for more information regarding the moving company you have chosen or your upcoming move.

Once you do all of that, you can be certain that you have chosen a truly reliable and trustworthy moving company with years of experience. A moving company like that has skilled and expertly trained movers and packers that know special packing techniques. 

Contact moving coordinators

Once you’ve settled on your moving company, the next step is to contact their respective moving coordinators. They will politely provide you with all the information you need about your relocation, your moving estimate being one of them.

Moving coordinators are polite and know how to help their customers get the ultimate moving experience. If you have an experienced moving coordinator, your move can be positive and enjoyable. They will be there every step of the way, expanding how the entire moving process will go step by step.

If you have any questions regarding your move, don’t hesitate to ask your moving coordinator!

Ask for a moving estimate

A moving estimate is a precise quote for the cost of your move. The price of your upcoming move depends on many different factors, and all of them are equally important. It is based on your inventory, items you plan to relocate with you, the area you are relocating to, and the apartment or house you’re moving to. 

Having at least a rough idea of how much money you can spend on your move can be a good idea. Also, choose a date that will suit you the best. If you contact your moving company early, the bigger the chance that the date you desire is available for you to book.

It’s essential to ask your moving coordinator for a precise moving estimate. Once you get your quote, you can plan other things and start with moving preparations. Every move is unique, so be prepared for some potential additional fees as well. If you decide to go for a full packing service, that may also affect your moving estimate. The good news is that you can check the cost of your packing service here.

Our advice is to work closely with your trusted moving coordinator. Only then will you be able to develop the precise cost of your move. It’s also important to know what items you plan to relocate to your new home and provide your moving coordinator with all the details regarding your move. Know what you are looking for and choose what kind of moving supplies you need. Start planning as soon as possible, and don’t be afraid to ask all the right questions. 

How to get a moving estimate?

Getting a moving company depends on many factors. It also varies from company to company. However, many moving companies typically offer 3 options to receive your moving quote.

  • Over the phone
  • Doing virtual survey 
  • Scheduling an in-home visit

If you have many belongings and bulky items, it can be difficult to explain what you want to relocate over the phone. In that case, we recommend doing a virtual survey with your moving coordinator. If your home is big and you have a lot of rooms, it’s always better to do a virtual survey or schedule an in-home visit from a professional moving manager. 

Create a moving checklist

Moving is not an easy process. That’s why it is important to start planning weeks in advance. Even in the best situations, a transition like that requires a lot of meticulous planning. We highly encourage you to create an inventory checklist. Preparing for relocation is a time-consuming job. Organizing your time is something you simply must do. A furniture inventory list will make the entire moving process easier. 

Having a detailed list will help you keep track of all the items you are planning to move to your new home. When relocating, you will have to think about many different things, and it can be easy to forget something accidentally. 

If you plan to apply for an insurance claim documenting your most valuable possessions is especially convenient, especially if something gets damaged or broken. Despite all the preparations, accidents sometimes simply happen, so it is always a good thing to have a backup plan. When you have a moving checklist, it is easier to complete the insurance process.

Ultimately, creating an inventory list will show you how much money your move will cost you. Getting a moving estimate is much easier with a nicely organized and detailed checklist.

The bottom line…

Moving is challenging and often incredibly emotional. Still, transitions in life can be good. Relocating is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and build a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

In order to do that, you will have to know the cost of your move and save some money for your upcoming relocation. We believe that a professional moving company can help you with that. Decide what works the best for you and embrace a new chapter in your life with a smile and a positive mindset because with the right help, even moving can be a great experience!

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