Tips to Get Rid Of Old Furniture Without Any Hassle

It is definitely NOT easy to get rid of your furniture-both physically and mentally. There’s always an emotional attachment to that rusty dusty couch that you spent years lying around on. Or that cupboard which held all of your accessories and even has some leftover torn paper from the posters you’ve peeled off from the inside of the doors. It’s tough saying goodbye to the things that were a big part of your memory, so yes the mental stress and heartbreaking ache does come along with the thought of giving away your precious possessions.


Physically, it’s quite obvious that maneuvering furniture is tough. Whether it’s for a move or for decorating purposes, the task of moving around your furniture can be a really hard job. This is specially true if you are doing it alone, without hiring movers. The fatigue and the mental stress can leave you distorted for days, so it’s always better to opt for ways that can make your burdens much easier to handle.

If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of some your old furniture, then you have come to the right place. To be honest, it’s not easy to get rid of it. Unfortunately, you can’t simply declutter all that heavy furniture from the ones you want to keep and then shove it out of your door and hope someone will miraculously take it and make it disappear. The task is in fact, quite demanding. You need to keep in mind that there are certain methods you can opt for, to effectively dispose furniture you don’t need. If it’s simply about furniture maneuvering tactics, we can offer you some information on how to get rid of your old furniture without any issues.

Put Them up For Sale

There are online forum communities that can really help you out in getting rid of some of your possessions. Some of these forums include EBay and Craigslist. You will be surprised on how fast these things can be sold off. No matter the condition, post up your items for free. Then, watch how quickly you can get inquiries to have them picked up by many people overnight. This is a good way to move stress free, without carrying the furniture you plan on getting rid of.

If you are looking for ways to earn a bit of cash while selling these items, place a small price on them according to your good judgment. Putting up high prices for things that aren’t worth it won’t be picked up by anyone. Therefore, you will be stuck with it longer than you had intended. Sell it for free or for a small price — either way it will be picked up and out of your hands.

Shove it to the Curb

This is actually easier and even sometimes, very effective as well. Just leave your middle sized furniture such as chairs and sofas etc. on your front yard. Then, after a while someone crossing nearby might get interested and take that furniture out of your curb-and your life too!

However, make sure you don’t keep it out there for too long. It may cause a hindrance for your neighbors. It may cause them to call you weird names and cause a racket. Keep the furniture outside for at least 2 days at most. If it’s still there, take it back in. Plus, this tactic is more effective if you’re living in a place where a lot of people cross by. A deserted place won’t be the ideal for you to opt for this method.

Donate the Good Stuff

If you’re just replacing your furniture but your old ones are still in a good condition, try to donate them to people who may need it. In large cities, many people will be willing to take you up on your offers. Even thrift stores and Goodwill can take your items off your hands-without any cost.

You give furniture away to some local shelter organizations. Additionally, you can even ask some people around if they are interested in having your giveaway item, which is still in a good condition.

Hire a Removal Service

In case none of the above options work, you can than hire a furniture removal service as your last option. You will need to spend money on it but it will be fast and worth it.

As mentioned before, moving items isn’t really easy and trying to sell them can be a cheaper and easier way but it takes time. If you need to get your old furniture removed as quickly as possible, then professionals can be your best bet. Movers swiftly manage your old furniture out of your place and transport them away without any hindrances.

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