A double glazed window is one which reduces the effect of heat from outside. People can install these windows by themselves but it is better to call a professional double glazed windows installer who has the experience to do the job perfectly. Many steps are involved in installing a double glazed window.

How To Install A Double Glazed Window

Three Parts of Double Glazed Windows

There are three parts of a double glazed window: the sill, glass, and frame. Each of these components is available separately. Frames also include beads, which help them fit in the frame. The double glazed windows installer has to remove the old window before fitting the new one. The expert needs to remove the window in such a way that there is very little mess on the walls. The windows available now include trickle vents, which help with the flow of the warm air that accumulates in the gap between the window and the wall.  This prevents condensing of moisture on the window. Now let’s look at the steps of installing the window.

Frame and Beads

The installer takes two panes of glass and separate them by a colored spacer bar. These bars are available in either silver or brown. Silica filters are also used to fill the gap between the two panes. The task of the crystals is to absorb moisture and keep the air dry. In order to fit the glass panes in the frame, the installer measures the frame and fit the pane in the frame. Some cutting is also done to fit the screw of the frames into the glass. Space is also needed in order to fit the glass inside the frame. The expert can remove the beads in the frame with the help of a chisel or scraper. The beads can be removed easily if the chisel or scraper is sharp.

End Caps and Window Sill

The double glazed windows installer has to cut the sill in such a way so that the frame can be installed perfectly. Most of the time, the sill is cut through its length. End caps are also available with the sill. Glue is used to stick these caps on the sill at each end. PVC super glue is the best option to stick the caps to the sill. This glue may have to be purchased separately or it may come with the sill.

How To Install A Double Glazed Window

A cement bed is laid and the sill is attached to it. The back of the sill is used to attach the window. The gap, which is created between the front edge of the window and the sill, should not be filled as it helps water flow out if it accumulates due to rain or any other way. After the beads are removed, a sealed unit is used to cover the screw. Now the installer uses plastic spacers in order to put the frame inside the square. There are many types of spacers available and the client can opt for any of them, which will give a good look to the window. The frame has to be drilled into the wall. The next step is to insert the frame screws and this can be done with the help of a hammer.

Wrapping Up

These are the steps which a double glazed windows installer has to follow in order to install a double glazing window. The task may seem to be simple, but rather than installing the window yourself, it is better to call a professional installer to get the job done. This way there will be less mess and the work will be done perfectly.

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